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Paazl has been acquired by Wuunder!

We make products that simplify delivery

Expand Globally

Expand into new markets by shipping cross-border with local delivery options

Reduce Expenses

Save money on expensive integrations and reduce shipping rates

Simplify Shipping

Single API integration for your checkout, labels, track & trace, and customer service

Delight Customers

Let your customer choose exactly where, when and how they want their package delivered

Deliver anywhere, in any way
Easily scale in local and international delivery options

Our platform offers a scalable solution for any type of delivery possibility. Easily add and switch between 1000+ delivery options in more than 200 countries worldwide. Powerful algorithms determine the best options for your delivery.

  • Local, national and global carriers
  • Next day, same-day, same-hour, evening, weekend, and more
  • In-store delivery, carrier pickup/drop-off points, delivery lockers, ship-from-store
  • Nominated day, timeframes and ETA calculation
  • Sustainable delivery, CO2 neutral options and bike couriers

Everything in one place



Track & Trace


Data insights

All-in-one platform

One platform taking care of your entire delivery experience

We cover every key aspect of quality delivery, from web shop and warehouse to track & trace and returns. Our data analytics module helps you understand your customers’ preferences and your carriers’ performance. So you can continually improve on your promise.

  • A checkout widget for a seamless display of delivery options
  • Shipping and return labels, manifests and customs documents
  • Tracking and updates on all deliveries and returns
  • Tools that make returns convenient for consumers
  • A data dashboard breaking down volumes, performance and trends

Let’s talk quality delivery

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A Single API

Easily integrate with anything

Our REST API enables a flexible and tailored integration with your webshop, warehouse and customer service. Additionally, we offer checkout extensions for leading platforms like SFCC and Magento 2, and connect to OMS vendors such as SAP, Netsuite and Microsoft. We can even plug your delivery into fulfilment suppliers and drop-shipment partners.

Keep it simple

Easy-to-implement REST API for tailored integration

Seamless compatibility

Checkout extensions for SFCC and Magento 2 as well as being compatible with all major OMS vendors

Connect with partners

Support for 3rd party shipping and track & trace

Best-in-class support

Expert knowledge at your fingertips, plus dedicated onboarding support

“With Paazl, we got logistical flexibility that turned out to be very valuable to our business.”
– G-Star RAW
Leading e-commerce platform extensions
Quickly link to your preferred platform

The Paazl Checkout Widget is now also available as a cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud and an extension for Magento 2, Shopware 6, as well as Shopify Plus.

This saves you time by removing lengthy integration processes. It also saves you money on continuous maintenance, or adjustments, when adding new delivery options or carriers for new countries.

Support and Resources
With you every step of the way

We are more than just a platform, we’re your partner. We’ll help identify your needs and opportunities, and we’re always ready to answer your questions.

Paazl as a partner

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24/7 support

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Under Armour
20% of deliveries to
pickup points

With an eye on long-term sustainability, Under Armour has used Paazl to drive up to 20% of their deliveries to pickup points. They currently make use of 5 different carriers in 13 European countries, with more to come!

Ship Anywhere

220+ countries and terroritories reached

Single Platform

Checkout, shipping, track & trace, returns

Carrier Insights

Optimize and anticipate

Easy Integration

REST API & extensions

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