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Keep things simple with Paazl’s REST API, SFCC cartridge, Magento 2 extension, Scan & Print module and more.

Rest API

Flexible API integration helps you save costs and simplify your shipping


Automatically deploy the Paazl Checkout Widget into your web shop and start saving

3PL Support

Connection to third party fulfillment and drop shipment partners


In-person onboarding support and expert industry knowledge


Paazl’s REST API provides seamless integration with your web store, warehouse and customer service. With a single integration, you gain access to a world of flexibility, ease of shipping and significant savings.

With our REST API you can:
  • Use Paazl’s powerful algorithms to display the best delivery options in your checkout, with your own UI / UX
  • Integrate our labels in your warehouse process, or use Scan & Print for a plug & play setup
  • Easily change carriers and/or delivery options
  • Use the PUSH API to send the latest delivery updates to your customer service
E-commerce Extensions

We have built a cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud and an extension for Magento 2 that automatically deploy the Paazl checkout widget into your webshop. This saves you time by removing lengthy integration processes. It also saves you money on continuous maintenance, or adjustments, when adding new delivery options or carriers for new countries.

Key features:
  • Paazl is the only multi-carrier shipping software with a certified cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Save time and money on integrations and adjustments
  • Instantly ready to add new delivery options in new countries or markets
  • Shopify Plus Extension *coming soon*

“We needed to work with multiple carriers, and we needed to automate processes to save time, so for me Paazl was an easy decision. Having never used the platform before, I was impressed with how easy it is to use Paazl.” 

Stefan Textor, Director E-commerce & Operations Pig & Hen

3rd Party Shipping & Tracking

We can work seamlessly with your fulfilment and drop shipment partners. By adding specific requirements to the selected delivery option in the checkout, we can easily connect to their processes.  Your 3PL partner sends the orders and you are able to track these shipments yourself via Paazl. These partners can also use the Paazl shipping labels for an even more streamlined process.

Key features:
  • Use Paazl in combination with your fulfilment and/or dropshipment partners
  • Paazl facilitates delivery choices in the checkout, as well as the track & trace of your shipments
  • Your 3PL partners can also use Paazl for their shipments
Support & Knowledge

Paazl provides in-person support, wherever necessary, during the onboarding process. We are truly your partners for the future, meaning we’re here to help you expand and grow your business. Our 10+ years of experience at the cutting edge of technology for e-commerce delivery, helps us to understand your issues and concerns, and find real solutions to your challenges.

Key features:
  • In-person support wherever necessary
  • Partner for the future
  • 10+ years of industry-leading expertise & experience

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