About Paazl.

Who we are. How we started. And how to pronounce it.

How it all began.

Paazl was founded in 2009 by Bernard Schreiner and Ramon Keijsers. The idea for the business was born after they saw how complex it was for online brands and retailers to offer quality delivery, especially when shipping across borders. And so the thought arose: why not build a platform that makes delivery seamless and convenient for brands & retailers, carriers, and consumers alike?

So… How do you pronounce it? And what does it mean?

The name Paazl was born when the founders noticed an early team member (who had a particularly thick New Zealand accent), always pronounced the word “parcel” differently to everyone else. It sounded more like he was saying, “pahsil”. This play-on-pronunciation lead to the business being baptised as “Paazl”.

Key milestones:


Paazl is established in Amsterdam


Focus on midsized businesses & enterprise market


5square invests venture capital


Jan-Willem Roest (former PayPal MD) joins as CEO

Paazl leadership

Jan-Willem Roest

Jan-Willem is an experienced commercial leader with a passion for E-Commerce, Fintech, Logtech and disruption, especially when it comes to building the best personalised consumer experience. 

After 10 years in Fintech at PayPal, he made the move to Logtech and became CEO of Paazl. His goal is to build the ‘Adyen for shipping’ and become the market leader in Europe and beyond.

Ramon Keijsers

Ramon has a background as an Industrial Engineer. Before starting Paazl, he worked in investment banking for a couple of years. Being the avid online shopper he still is today, he experienced the shortcomings of delivery first-hand.
The idea for Paazl was born.

He now leads the Paazl Product & Technology team, dedicated to changing the world of e-commerce delivery forever. 
When there’s fresh snow, you can find him in the mountains on his snowboard.

Our values

Build for the many
Keep it simple
Get shit done
Win together
Embrace change