Paazl has been acquired by Wuunder!

A unique synergy of logistics and e-commerce expertise

We are proud to inform you that we have been acquired by the logistics specialist, Wuunder. Our businesses complement each other seamlessly, and Wuunder brings logistical expertise to add value to our trusted e-commerce proposition.

As a result of this acquisition, we will help our customers offer an even better delivery experience while having access to a broader range of products and services. We will also take a significant step towards realizing our shared vision with Wuunder, of becoming Europe’s most sustainable logistics service provider, offering the greenest and most efficient end-to-end transport solution with the best delivery experience.

Ramon Keijsers, founder of Paazl: “Through our partnership with Wuunder, the consumer will have an even better experience from check-out to delivery, especially internationally. They complement our services very well and expands the possibilities for our customers. And last but not least, our combined powers allow us to take a leading role in achieving greener delivery.” 

Paazl will continue to operate under its own name, as will Wuunder. Both companies have both built a strong reputation in our specific areas of expertise and customer groups, and we intend to keep it that way. Our current CEO, Jan-Willem Roest, will hand over his responsibilities to our founder, Ramon Keijsers. Ramon will also join Wuunder Holding B.V. as a Director while assuming the position of Managing Director of Paazl.

More products and services

Wuunder brings logistics expertise which complements Paazl’s trusted e-commerce proposition. This ensures improved access to more carriers and transportation options, a dynamic check-out, a larger partner network and an even better delivery experience for both existing and new customers.

Greener delivery options

This partnership will help us realize our shared vision of becoming Europe’s greenest logistics service provider. As a result of this collaboration, customers will be completely unburdened and receive the greenest and most efficient end-to-end transport solution combined with the best delivery experience.

About Wuunder

Wuunder is the specialist in transport management services with a wealth of logistics expertise, based in Weert, Dortmund, and Hasselt. The remote-first company was founded in 2016 by Jeroen Gehlen and Bart Takkenkamp. The business started from their vision to contribute to a greener and more sustainable society by connecting the digital and physical logistics worlds for shipping and receiving packages and pallets.

Let’s work together!