We believe that every brand should take the responsibility to offer greener delivery options.

Give customers the choice

By offering your customers the choice of a greener method of delivery, you increase their awareness of the impact of their last-mile

Greener delivery options

Paazl offers the widest range of global and hyperlocal carriers that have greener delivery options. From electric busses, to bike couriers.

“We understand that modern e-commerce requires a flexible ‘give and take’ approach to make the last-mile more sustainable. We’ve adapted our checkout process to maintain free delivery to pick-up points, regardless of order value, in every European market where we can offer good coverage. Whilst absorbing some cost which is not offset by our strategy, this approach allows us to incentivize our customers and in-turn help our carrier partners to be more efficient, reduce vehicle emissions, and contribute less to local traffic.”

Under Armour

Play your part

With the continued growth of E-commerce it is important to find the right balance between convenience and environmentally friendly delivery. This balance is becoming increasingly important to online shoppers, and as a result, has become a priority for most brands and carriers. There are already a large number of ‘greener’ and more sustainable last-mile delivery options available.

Paazl helps brands to offer both affordable and greener delivery methods to their checkout option. It is important to note however, that despite the importance of offering more sustainable delivery methods during checkout, it is just as vital to improve the number of successful delivery attempts. By offering choice of delivery day (and if possible time slots during each day) during the checkout phase, this decreases the number of missed deliveries and the need to make a second attempt, or deliver to a service point.

Brands and consumers both play a vital role in reducing CO2 emissions. As a brand, if you are aware which delivery options are more sustainable than others, you can also share this information with your consumers during the checkout phase. The Paazl Checkout Widget enables you to highlight these more sustainable options and in doing so, create better awareness for the delivery choices that your consumers can make. Under Armour is a great example of this. They have chosen to make all deliveries to Pickup Points free, without a minimum order threshold, thus driving more deliveries to a more environmentally friendly delivery location.

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