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We cover every key aspect of quality delivery, from web shop and warehouse to track & trace and returns. Our data analytics module helps you understand your customers’ preferences and your carriers’ performance. So you can continually improve on your promise.

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Track & Trace


Data insights

  • A checkout widget for a seamless display of delivery
  • Shipping and return labels, manifests and customs documentation
  • Tracking and updates on all deliveries and returns
  • Tools that make returns convenient for consumers
  • A data dashboard breaking down volumes, carrier performance and trends

Paazl Checkout Widget

Our unique Checkout Widget enables you to create a great delivery menu that matches your brand’s look and feel, directly in your checkout. This easy-to-implement UI/UX technology accommodates the dynamics of every delivery option that we offer, like home/office, carrier pickup/drop-off points, and in-store delivery options. You can add store locators and maps, a calendar mechanism and estimated date & time of delivery. It’s easy to adjust, so you can be flexible and change options quickly if you face carrier capacity issues for example. Did we mention that it’s also mobile compatible? Which means your customers can choose their perfect delivery while shopping on their phone or tablet.

Key features:
  • Easy-to-implement UI/UX technology for your delivery options
  • Matches your brand identity
  • Store locators and maps, calendar mechanism and estimated date & time of delivery
  • Flexible and simple-to-use
  • Mobile friendly
Shipping Labels

Paazl’s carrier certified shipping and return labels simplify your shipping process. We offer both inbound and outbound labels in multiple formats including PDF and ZPL. Paazl easily handles multicollo, manifests and electronic customs documentation. We even have our own custom label designer. All of these powerful features enable you to save on expensive maintenance costs.

Key features:
  • Carrier certified inbound and outbound labels
  • ZPL, PDF and more
  • Easy multicollo shipping
  • Custom Label Designer
Track & Trace Notifications

Paazl aggregates status data from carrier tracking data, so you can create custom notifications on our platform. Each status can trigger an email notification with information updates on the shipment. The content can be custom configured and the email to be designed to match your brand identity. This feature is available in several languages. Your customers receive notifications directly from your brand, instead of the carrier. It extends your brand experience and reduces WIMO calls by keeping your customer informed. You can also receive status data from Paazl and power your own notifications. 

Key features:
  • Custom branded status updates
  • Personal notifications
  • Fewer WIMO calls
  • Available in several languages
  • Extended brand experience

“The number of customer service tickets is now significantly below the volume that it was prior to the introduction of Paazl. Our Customer Service team finds it especially positive that they can give the customer more detail, and provide a smoother service. The handling time and the percentage of repeat contacts for these tickets is lower as a result. In addition, Paazl provides flexibility in the way we want to approach the last-mile. This has resulted in significant savings on our transportation costs.”

– Hans Anders


By supporting national and international returns, we make the process easier for both your brand and your customers. Our labels, tracking, and notifications for returns make the process transparent, keep your customers informed, and simplify your shipping. You can pre-print return labels and place them in the box during outbound shipping, or you can make them available on demand. Customers can choose to return their packages via the carrier network or drop them off in-store.

Key features
  • National and international returns
  • Return labels, tracking and notifications
  • Pre-print return labels during outbound
  • Return via carrier networks or in-store
  • Paperless return labels
Data Insights

Paazl gives you access to vital carrier data that helps you analyze and adjust your delivery options accordingly. View shipping volumes (inbound & outbound) per carrier, delivery option, country, or city. Track trends over year, quarter, month, week, or day. This data makes it easy to analyze customer delivery preferences and carrier performance. Optimize your delivery with detailed data analytics.

Key features
  • Shipping volumes (inbound and outbound)
  • Filter by carrier, delivery option, country, or city
  • Filter by year, quarter, month, week, or day
  • Analyze customer delivery and carrier preferences

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