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Paazl CEO, Ramon Keijsers, Announces His Departure

Today we announce the departure of our founder and CEO, Ramon Keijsers. 15 years ago, Ramon, along with co-founder Bernard Schreiner, had the idea to turn the world of e-commerce delivery on it’s head. Since then, Paazl has had many iterations, culminating in the incredible e-commerce checkout technology that we are today. 

As an organisation, we’d like to thank Ramon for his dedication over the last 15 years. He has consistently set the standard with his vision, passion, and commitment.  Below, you can read Ramon’s farewell letter. 

A farewell letter from Ramon Keijsers, Founder and CEO of Paazl

“After 15 years of Paazl, the moment has come for me to say goodbye. Having combined powers with Wuunder, the future of Paazl has never looked brighter. And as the integration is well on its way now, it’s time for me to take on a new challenge. But first I will do some travelling with my family and do a bit of digging into my Indonesian roots.

Many thanks to the Paazl team, for all these years of relentless effort to simplify delivery for the world’s leading brands in e-commerce. A special shoutout to Marie Dirksen,  Erik Wencker and Justin RR for being the spine of the company. But also, let’s not forget Justin Boekestijn, who has been here since the very beginning. And finally many thanks to our customers, for believing in what we do.

Today is my last official working day, my main responsibilities will be taken over by Jeroen Gehlen. I wish you all the best and I’m sure we’ll meet again somewhere in the near future“.

Ramon Keijsers, CEO Paazl