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Last-mile startup Packaly is now live on Paazl.

Dutch consumers are constantly looking for the next level of service in their online shopping experiences. The shift from 3-4 day delivery timeframes to next-day delivery were first offered by major e-commerce brands. But this service has since become standard. Customer expectation has driven next day delivery, but it hasn’t ended there. Therefore, the logical next step in the e-commerce journey is moving from next-day delivery, to an instant shop-like experience. The consumer market is starting to see the shift towards consumers wanting same-day or even 60-minute delivery. This on-demand shipping solution allows customers to get their newly purchased items in their homes in just a few hours. The Utrecht-based company, Packaly, is making this next step in the delivery process possible for large and small retailers alike.

Introducing Packaly

Packaly’s ability to ship from locally-based stores directly to consumers is a major stepping stone in retailers’ omni-channel POS strategy towards consumers. By utilizing retail brands’ intelligent stock management systems, Packaly is able to ship from local store hubs directly to consumers using their bike courier network. By shipping directly from the closest point-of-sale, they increases stock management levels per store. As a result, they are able to offer the option of an on-demand delivery service.

A unique upside of Packaly’s delivery strategy is its use of flexible bike courier networks in the busy and often narrow streets of Dutch cities. Moreover, the delivery benefits of on-demand shipment for consumers is clear. CO2 neutral delivery leaves the environment, and the already jam packed city centers, untouched.

Packaly has recently moved out of its pilot phase and is consequently starting an aggressive city expansion strategy which has resulted in its presence in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, The Hague and Rotterdam. More cities will be added soon!


Packaly’s launching customer Decathlon has been a major player in the company’s success. This started with a pilot in Utrecht and has expanded into all of Packaly’s major cities. The partnership has given Packaly a unique opportunity to mature its product and begin to facilitate deliveries for smaller players in the market. Ranging from small home stores, micro beer brewery resellers and local retailers, to larger Dutch household brands. Paazl and Packaly also already have a number of joint customers.

Paazl x Packaly

Packaly and Paazl are fully integrated, and a number of Paazl customers are using their 60 Minute Express Delivery or Same Day Evening Delivery services. To sum up, if you’re interested in Packaly’s service offering as part of your Paazl package, then complete the form below!

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