Stuart & Paazl – how to make your online brand sustainable?

July 5, 2018

How can you make your online brand sustainable?

In the world where customers want it all and want it now – and retailers give it to them – there seems to be little consideration for the sustainability. With brands looking every which way to delight their customers, super-fast delivery, excessive packaging and ‘try before you buy’ have become the norm.

What can online brands do to counter this? Can you combine customer convenience with a greener planet? Join us as we talk you through the latest trends in green delivery, with special emphasis on inner-city bicycle logistics – as pioneered by our co-host Stuart.

Co-hosted by Stuart, leading European provider of fast and environmentally friendly urban delivery.

What you will learn:
Which is greener – online or offline retail?
What’s the hidden impact of returns and missed deliveries?
What share of e-commerce is ready for delivery by bike?
What innovations are shaping the future?
Tips to make your delivery strategy greener

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