DHL & Paazl on pick-up points

June 21, 2018

Webinar Recording: The Importance of Pick-up Points in E-commerce

Join DHL & Paazl for a deep-dive into the importance and future of pick-up points in e-commerce

Ordering online, and getting your stuff delivered to your front door. That’s the beauty of e-commerce right? But what if nobody is there to answer that door? This is where pick-up points come into play.

Pick-up points have really solidified their spot in the logistics landscape, many in the shape of local stores that work as pick-up points on the side. Not so interesting. But more exciting stuff is right around the corner! Join Paazl & DHL as we show you how pick-up points add value to your online store and discuss the 5 key trends for the future.

Co-hosted by DHL Parcel, pioneer in parcel pick-up points and lockers.

What you will learn:
How many consumers prefer picking up parcels?
What pick-up options are most popular?
How does pick-up point differ per country?
What innovations are shaping the future?
Will pick-up points ‘beat’ home delivery?

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