Part 1: Creating an irresistible customer experience – L’Oréal

By Paazl
July 21, 2019

Creating an irresistible customer experience,
from e-commerce store to the last mile: L'Oréal

During the past century, a car was the definition of prestige, the ultimate lifestyle brand. However, the rise of the Internet and economic growth have created new consumer choices. It brought a drastic shift in purchasing behaviour and customer experience.

From clothes and shoes to phones and headphones, the great brands just nail it. They know our expectations and shopping preferences. They even know when we are available for the delivery of goods. And it is mind blowing.


Driving innovation to exhilarate the customer experience

Whether they are a Salesforce commerce cloud, Magento 2 or any other platform-based business. Such brands focus first and foremost on a genuine connection throughout the customer journey. As we all know, a genuine connection wins both hearts and shopping preferences.

In this series, we would like to acknowledge some e-commerce brands that are driving innovation at every stage of the customer journey. The first in line is L’Oréal.

Download the case to learn about the pillars of L’Oréal’s digital transformation to become the no 1 beauty tech company in the world.
L'Oréal's digital innovation of the customer experience