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We make e-commerce delivery convenient.

Meet Paazl, a fast-growing SaaS company that focuses on making e-commerce delivery as convenient as possible, helping your e-commerce store(s) maximize conversion. Paazl was founded in the Netherlands in 2009 by Bernard Schreiner and Ramon Keijsers. The idea for the business was born after they saw how important it was for online brands and retailers to optimize operations across borders, and enable an always-on-time delivery. And so the thought arose: why not build software that makes shipping seamless and convenient for brands, retailers, and their consumers?

What do we do?

We know that the last mile performance strongly impacts a holistic customer experience, converting your one-time shoppers into loyal fans of your brand. That’s why we provide the tools to scale your e-commerce business, and win in competitive and growing markets. Over the past 10 years, we have developed two LogTech products covering the complete final mile: Carrier Management for all the back-end and operational purposes, and Delivery Experience for the customer-focused front-end communications of delivery data.

We believe in a data-driven approach and are passionate about transforming delivery into an experience that helps you scale your e-commerce business across borders. Our aim is to become the European market leader in cross-border carrier management and seamless delivery experience. Over 150 customers have already trusted us with their delivery, are you ready to join us?

countries reached, and growing

shipments worldwide YoY

international and local carriers

Integrations with
Salesforce Commerce Cloud or Magento 2

Offices in
Amsterdam(NL), Düsseldorf(DE) and Kiev(UA)

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Management Team

Jan-Willem Roest

Jan-Willem has over 16 years of professional experience, spending his last 4 years as the General Manager of PayPal Benelux and Ireland. Now, as he steps into the leadership role at Paazl, he takes on the e-commerce delivery industry. His goal is to grow Paazl to become the market leader in Europe and beyond.

Bernard Schreiner

Bernard has extensive experience in the e-commerce industry, including working behind the scenes in logistics in addition to a more hands-on approach as an online retailer. Now, he is on the management team, looking after the commercial side of Paazl.

Ramon Keijsers

Before starting his own company, Ramon worked in investment banking where he focused on tech-oriented ventures and businesses. Now, he is on the management team at Paazl overseeing Technology & Operations.