Paazl for Pure Online Players

Paazl for Pure Online Players

Take the step to faster growth

Increase conversion through better delivery. Improve your back-end through smarter processes. Many pure online players still have significant opportunities in logistics. Better processes drive down costs and increase conversion. This will enable you to expand into foreign markets; allowing you to develop a strong delivery strategy and to optimise returns processing. This is why pure online players choose Paazl - the complete platform for e-commerce logistics.

Online players who have taken the next step with Paazl:

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Discover opportunities to lower costs and increase conversion

Integrate once, instantly access all our carriers

From rapid delivery specialists to international logistics experts. On integrating with Paazl, you are instantly connected to a worldwide network of delivery professionals. This means you always have a logistical solution for your organisation’s strategy, and your client’s needs.

Carriers integrated in the Paazl Multi-Carrier Platform
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Delivery Options in an Online Check-out displayed in Paazl Perfect

Improve your service, conquer new markets

Offer clients worldwide a broader range of delivery options. From delivery time slots to Sunday deliveries, evening deliveries to collection lockers. Offer more options; increase conversion, improve your retention rates.

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Turn returns into retention.

Smart players see returns as an opportunity. A moment to show the customer you truly care. In creating a user-friendly and transparent returns process with Paazl, you encourage your customers to visit again. Make the process painless, and ensure certainty in customer service.

Branded Parcel Tracking Updates

Pure Online Players choose Paazl to:

Stay Focused and Keep Shipping
  • Easily access multiple carriers
  • Outsource carrier integration and development to experts
  • Grow more quickly, domestically and abroad
  • Use delivery to increase conversion
  • Cost-effectively ship complex inventory
  • Reduce errors and wasted time in their warehouse
  • Continuously stay up to date with logistical innovations
  • Ensure transparency of information: from individual parcels to boardroom KPIs
We save €75000 on connections with our 5 carriers

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