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Paazl for E-fulfilment Companies

More efficiency for you.
More sales for your clients.

The customer expects it. Your clients demand it. Experts in e-fulfilment increasingly need a broad array of delivery options. This is why specialists in e-fulfilment choose Paazl. Benefit from a standardised, integrated shipping process for all well-known carriers, and give your clients access to the best delivery options in their check-out process.

Specialists in e-fulfilment choose Paazl

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Delivery options in the check-out of your clients.
Cost saving in your warehouse.

Integrate once, instantly access all our carriers

Lower the costs of connecting with couriers. Ensure continuous access to the latest delivery options in the market. In integrating with Paazl, you are instantly connected to dozens of couriers worldwide. A unique advantage in a rapidly changing market.

Carriers on the Paazl Multi-carrier Platform
E-fulfilment Warehouse

Efficiency in back-end processing

Paazl standardises and automates the despatch processes of all carriers. This means you despatch more quickly, track parcels with ease, and save significantly on the development and maintenance of integration with carriers.

Overview of Paazl Shipping Software solutions

Increase delivery options for clients and consumers

We integrate with all prominent e-commerce platforms. This means your clients can display all our carriers and shipping options in their check-out, from time slots to weekend deliveries, collection points to evening deliveries. The key to increased conversion.

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E-fulfilment Companies choose Paazl to:

Stay Focused And Keep Shipping
  • Quickly access a network of carriers
  • Optimise warehouse processes
  • Allow their clients to access multiple delivery options
  • Reduce costs on developing and maintaining carrier integrations
  • Ship complex product ranges cost-efficiently
  • Keep up to date with innovations in e-commerce logistics
  • Monitor logistic KPIs
The game of e-fulfilment is won on automation

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