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Paazl for Business-to-Business

Security of accurate delivery

An imminent trade fair. The beginning of a new project. Opening a new store. Accurate delivery is essential for the success of your clients’ businesses. Give them security with Paazl. Let your client decide the time of delivery. Communicate pro-actively about the status of their shipment. All while making savings in your operational processes, shipping faster, lowering maintenance costs and integrating logistics into your existing systems.

Trusted by wholesalers, printers and business suppliers.

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Business suppliers choose Paazl to:

Stay Focused and Keep Shipping
  • Quickly gain access to a broad range of carriers
  • Give clients clarity on delivery times
  • Match products to the quickest or best value delivery option
  • Despatch locally, nationally and internationally from a single platform
  • Process letters, parcels and pallets in the same system
  • Monitor and communicate Track & Trace information
  • Process shipping orders efficiently in bulk

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