Future-proof your
delivery experience

Always the best delivery

Personalized delivery options displayed in your checkout.
  • Powerful algorithms based on you, your customer and your delivery carriers providing personalized delivery options for every order
  • Real-time delivery dates, timeframes and estimated time of arrivals
  • Or use our SOAP or REST API to build your own custom display of delivery
  • Compatible with any Carrier Management software for direct shipping

Always the perfect display

Use our Checkout Widget for a customer-friendly display of delivery options.
  • UI/UX for any type of delivery to anywhere in the world
  • Easy integration
  • Fully customizable to your own branding style
  • Extensions include Magento, Salesforce and Woocommerce

Always completely transparent

Update your customers every step of the way with our track & trace notifications.
  • Select the delivery stages you wish to send out notifications
  • Messaging in your own look and feel
  • Build your own dashboard using our track & trace data
  • Track & trace for returns

“When customers shop at a premium brand, they expect premium delivery options. Thanks to Paazl we can now offer a delivery experience across multiple countries that matches what we stand for as a brand.”




Personalized delivery options

Empower your customers with delivery convenience

Store visualized on a map

Have customers pick up deliveries from your stores and boost conversion

Pickup point locator

Let your customers quickly find the pickup point closest to them

Plug & play checkout widget

Integrate an attractive display of delivery options with just a few lines of code

Track & trace notifications

Reduce customer anxiety with real-time delivery updates

Returns notifications

Tell customers their returned order arrived safely and is being processed


Keep your own design and retain access to Paazl’s supply of delivery options

Magento 2 and SFCC

Combine leading e-commerce platforms and the best delivery options

Ready for the future

Calculate the best delivery for every order. Start saving costs and win customers.
Easy integration of delivery options and ETA’s in your webshop.
Offer real-time delivery estimates to minimize question marks in your check-out.
Save valuable time and money on design and development.