Paazl & Salesforce
Commerce Cloud
Product configurations in minutes or hours,
instead of days or weeks.
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Salesforce Certified Integration

Offer your customers the best possible delivery options
everywhere. Benefit from Paazl’s Checkout Widget for
easy integration into your Salesforce Commerce Cloud environment.


Plug & Play Widget

Plug & play checkout widget

Integrate an attractive display of delivery options with just a few lines of code

Personalized delivery options

Empower your customers with delivery convenience
Store visualized on a map

Store visualized on a map

Have customers pick up deliveries from your stores and boost conversion
Pickup point locator

Pickup point locator

Let your customers quickly find the pickup point closest to them
Track & Trace notifications

Track & trace notifications

Reduce customer anxiety with real-time delivery updates
Returns notifications

Returns notifications

Tell customers their returned order arrived safely and is being processed