Paazl & PME Legend

“Why I recommend Paazl to other companies? In short: swift response to questions, perfect support, and all the know-how we need. Plus of course the track-record of the clients they serve.”

– Ferry Fiege, E-commerce Manager Just Brands

Throughout the years PME Legend has grown to become one of the top three menswear brands in the Benelux. Owning the American brand is Dutch fashion-agency Just Brands, who also represent such brand as Cast Iron Jeans, Tripper Jeans and Vanguard

In 2011 Just Brands decided the time had come to set up an e-commerce business, starting with a PME Legend online store. Overseeing all online operations is e-commerce manager Ferry Fiege, who invites us for a talk in the stylish Just Brands lounge. Here we are welcomed by the sight of aircraft propellers, a vintage gas-station and American bikes to remind us of the brands’ authentic American roots.

From GLS to UPS & PostNL

The first logistical challenge setting up the PME Legend online store were the B2B roots of the fulfillment partner. Being focused on replenishing stores, the company was not ready to ship directly to consumers. Rather than shipping with GLS, Fiege wanted to offer customers a choice between PostNL and UPS. This was achieved by connecting the fulfillment partner and PME Legend’s Magento-store to the Paazl platform. An investment that quickly paid out: conversion rates started rising the moment PME offered multiple delivery options. For the fulfillment partner, implementing Paazl meant they now had much better service to offer growing e-commerce businesses.

Paazl ensured we could switch to PostNL and UPS on very short notice. This increased conversion rates and thus improved bottom-line revenue.

Warehouse, check-out and customer service

A year after implementation Paazl has proven to be far more than Fiege expected. Not only is it offering PME Legend the possibility to ship to customers via multiple carriers, it is even helping work at the office. Manually booking shipments to a showroom, changing shipping addresses or tracking parcels – things Fiege was not originally looking for – are now used daily. This combination of tools for the check-out, the warehouse and customer service make Paazl “a solution that is incomparable to others” according to Fieger. “All features in Paazl are fully integrated, yet can also be used stand-alone systems”.

It not only helps our customers. Paazl is also used by our e-commerce team to monitor trends, change orders and track parcels


Another benefit in the eyes of Fiege is the possibility to offer customers delivery options based on their location and shopping cart. “I have always wanted to offer customers a delivery menu.” Not only is this menu fully integrated in the desktop version of the online store, it is also fully mobile-friendly. A must-have for PME Legend, that sees mobile traffic explode with every airing of their TV-commercial.

Relationship through innovation

Both the pace of innovation and the adaptation to the latest trends in e-commerce make that Fiege thinks of Paazl as a partner for the long-tern. Especially given PME Legend’s ongoing European expansion, calling for connection to the best local carriers.

Paazl has amazed me. They really lived up to my expectations when it came to flexible delivery. Given the pace at which they innovate, I can see us working together for years to come.

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