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“Why we keep using Paazl? Because our feedback is acted upon. Fast, and nearly always at no extra expense.” – Elise van Ekris, Projectmanager Create2fit

Create2Fit_Case Over €50.000.000 in revenue. 4.000.000 visitors. 12.000 products. 8 online stores. The success of Create2fit is easily summarized by impressive numbers. But there is more. Behind the digits there is a story of two racing car drivers with a vision: transforming online retail. By really listening to customers, and most of all by selling more than ‘a price with a pretty picture’.

The digital sales assistant

Create2fit was founded by professional race car driver Tom Coronel, who was later joined by fellow driver and friend Marc Koster. The company runs eight specialist online stores, selling everything from coffee machines and barbecues to televisions and washing machines. All stores share a vast warehouse annex showroom in the town of Naarden, close to the Amsterdam. Here customers can browse all 12.000 products, of course enjoying a fresh cup of coffee from one of the coffee maker sold. For those who live far away from the immense showroom Coronel invented the ‘Digital Sales Assitant’. These extensive explainer videos featuring Coronel’s dad make you feel as if you are right there walking the showroom floor. It is videos like these; a strong social media presence and unique sales that make Create2Fit stand out in a crowded e-commerce landscape.

It is not just a video. It is a concept. A virtual sales assistant, who is there for you 24/7. Don’t like him? Close the video. Could not hear what he said? Play it again.

Tom Coronel, CEO

Service starts behing the screens

Another key aspect to standing out from competitors is offering the best available delivery options. By working together with DHL, TNT, DPD, PostNL and PostNL’s subdivision Extra@Home Create2fit can offer customers outstanding shipping service everywhere and no matter the product they order. It gives customers the option to pick-up parcels at service points, or choose a delivery time of their liking. Offering all these carriers and delivery options initially came with challenges. In the outbound shipping department for example, where each carrier demanded a different workflow. Same goes for the buying department, which allocated products to shipping options ‘by their gut feeling’. And when customers started calling to ask for the status of parcels, the customer care team had to guess which carrier was chosen for delivery.

All changes are challenging. Especially when so many departments are affected. But in the case of Paazl I have heard nothing but positive feedback”

Elise van Ekris, projectmanager

Creating the perfect fit

To stop these patchy behind-the-scenes logistics from impacting customers, Create2Fit started looking for a solution. Soon an answer was found in the Delivery Management Software by Paazl. Together with partner Connective Power the full suite of Paazl’s solutions was integrated in Create2Fit’s custom built e-commerce system. This created a single logistics platform that helps all departments work more efficiently:

Foundations for further growth

Eight months after implementing Paazl’s software the results are clear. Efficiency at the Customer Care department has improved greatly since less customers call now that tracking mails are automatically sent. When customers call questions are easy to answer due to the dashboard providing real-time insight in tracking statuses. On the warehouse floor, half an FTE is saved on shipping parcels as labels are printed effortlessly. But perhaps most important of all: Paazl has laid the foundations for Create2Fit to grow upon. Next step is the implementation of a new WMS-system, on which project manager is more clear: “a connection with Paazl is one of the main requirements. We want to stay flexible, and be able to quickly offer new delivery options. Paazl offers the solution.”

Why we keep using Paazl? Because our feedback is acted upon. Fast, and nearly always at no extra expense.

Elise van Ekris, projectmanager

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