How Skins Cosmetics leveraged Paazl’s Shopware 6 extension to save costs on carrier integrations and development

Shopware 6 Extension

Skins Cosmetics uses our powerful new extension

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To offer DHL home delivery and PUDO’s


Skins Cosmetics save costs on IT development & resources

Working with Paazl has helped us to save costs on our own development, and we already see that it will increase efficiency and improve the overall customer experience.
Robin Bosschaert: E-commerce Manager
The challenge:

Improving on an already successful partnership

Having been a Paazl customer for a number of years, Skins is well aware of the important role that delivery plays as part of the customer experience. Currently, Skins uses DHL home delivery, as well as various pick-up points, to offer customers the flexibility they demand. This is something the cosmetics brand is keen to expand in the future. In the short term, the company would also like to offer its own boutiques as pick-up locations.

However, with Skins seeking further expansion and, at the same time, being tasked with integrating a continuous stream of fulfillment and delivery updates, the company recently had to shift its collaboration with Paazl to adapt to an evolving e-commerce market. Previously, Skins ran on the e-commerce platform Shopware 5, using the Paazl Checkout Widget within the company’s e-commerce checkout environment. But this made it difficult for Skins to keep up with the latest updates and improvements from Paazl. That’s when the idea of building a dedicated Shopware 6 Extension as a joint effort between Skins and Paazl emerged.

we can already see the benefits of having a partner such as Paazl developing a crucial part of our webshop,”

The Solution:

Closer collaboration, improved experiences

Strengthening the collaboration between the two companies, Paazl and Skins decided to work together on building Paazl’s most recent e-commerce software extension. The decision has proven to be a beneficial one, helping Skins to save costs during development and, ultimately, increase efficiency and the overall customer experience.

By working together with Paazl on the extension, Skins was able to take advantage of ongoing developments and improvements to the platform. The new extension should automatically ensure that all required data for the fulfillment process is stored in the right place within Shopware. This means the company does not need to allocate as many resources toward maintaining the software integration and can instead focus on other aspects of the business.

The decision to reinforce the partnership between Skins and Paazl also opened up the former to new delivery options – including sustainable ones. The Dutch cosmetics brand is eager to participate in new developments around sustainable transport, which will help the company to improve customer satisfaction levels and raises the possibility of selling the company’s products all over the world – without substantially increasing emissions. In practice, this could mean exploring new delivery options such as bicycle couriers and lockers.

Finally, by using the Paazl widget, Skins is now easily able to remain up to date with the latest features and updates. This allows the company to offer its customers the best possible delivery options and ensures a seamless checkout experience. Experience is the foundation of Skins’ success and, alongside Paazl, this is set to continue being the case for the foreseeable future.

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Who is Skins Cosmetics?

The Skins Cosmetics story starts with founders Philip and Michiel, who, while travelling abroad, came across unusual brands that were not sold anywhere in the Netherlands. In 2000, the first Skins boutique opened in the well-known Nine Streets area of Amsterdam, with only seven niche brands at the time. The concept became a success because it had never been seen in the Netherlands before, and because of the typical Skins shopping experience. Experiencing refined, special brands in an approachable and warm ambiance that felt like coming home, where everyone was and is welcome.  

Today, the Skins philosophy lives on in enthusiastic Experts who search daily for you for the very best boutique brands, each with a unique story, special, sustainable ingredients and innovative manufacturing methods. We travel for you, introducing you to refined cosmetics, home and personal care products and perfumes from all over the world. Both in our Skins boutiques and E-boutique, our specialists will let you see and experience what, after 22 years, still sets us apart. A feeling of connection, being seen and broadening your world with the most beautiful products from our portfolio.

At no fewer than twenty boutiques in the Netherlands, Belgium and South Africa, you can find the most extraordinary brands and products and personal advice from our experts. Drop by to experience the world of Skins, or let the range in our E-boutique surprise you.

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