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Significant cost-saving and improved logistics processes with Paazl’s Custom Label Editor

The Custom Label Editor is the perfect solution for creating separate logistics flows for different delivery options within your warehouse.

Key take-aways:

  • Huge daily cost savings of hundreds of euros
  • Significant improvement to logistics processes
  • Ensure that multi-collo orders are delivered together
  • Visual extension of brand identity
“The Custom Label Editor is central to our process. With it, we are able to process our orders faster and more easily, thereby reducing the margin of error and saving us money. In addition, we use it as a visual extension of our brand values, so that the package arrives looking neat and tidy for the customer.”


Custom Delivery Option & Custom Label Editor

What happens when your usual delivery services run into capacity problems, or if you want to ship a package that has unique dimensions that your standard carrier can’t help you with? With Paazl, you will always be able to deliver on your promise by adding the Custom Option to your checkout. Your customers will never be left without a delivery option, no matter what. Our powerful business logic will instantly show specific delivery options based on your predetermined conditions, so your customer will always see the right delivery possibilities. This is especially handy for items with strange dimensions, like skis for example. Our Custom Delivery Option is closely tied to our Custom Label Editor, a product that was designed and developed in partnership with Probo. The Custom Label Editor allows you to create a separate logistics flow for different delivery options within your own warehouse. 

The Custom Delivery Option can be configured to help with delivery of odd-sized products, to manage your own logistics, or to ensure that you always have a backup option in case of carrier issues.

The Challenge

Probo and Paazl have been partners for 5 years. In the recent past, they came to us with a specific problem they were having, one that we could solve for them.  Together, we were able to tackle this challenge and develop a product that will help not only Probo, but many other companies.

The Custom Label Editor allows you to configure your own label designs for the “Custom Option” shipping option within Paazl. This, in essence, allows you to create your own custom designs for a variety of purposes. Let us take you through how it works, and how Probo have made successfully used it to improve their shipping process.

The Product:

The Custom Label Editor

This unique new Paazl product allows you to easily separate your packages for different options within your warehouse, which is especially handy when working with your own carrier shipping network for instance. However, it can be implemented in a number of other situations.
Another key use for the Custom label editor is to extend your brand identity to include your shipping labels. For example, you could add a small logo to your shipping label. Or, you can include a (static) QR code, and consequently provide access to unique content, offers or promotions. The “sender” and “receiver” text can use your own custom font and brand identity, and from a logistical point of view: you can add your own hub and sorting process (static) texts, to make life easier in your warehouse.

We ran a successful launch program with Probo, who have been using it for a number of months. We spoke with Frits Dijkstra, Assistant Logistics Manager, to get some feedback on how they have used the Customer Label Editor, and how it could be further implemented in the future. 

“By removing any doubt as to where a package must go, we have been able to save hundreds of euros per day. This is a huge win for us.”

The Solution

According to Frits, “Paazl’s Custom Label Editor has made a significant difference to our logistics. We use this product to create a visible differentiator on our labels, for various delivery options that we have. This way, our sorters are able to easily separate pick-up orders from delivery orders.” 

This product has become vital to Probo, as they have several locations, but were previously unable to indicate on the package, which location the package should be sent to. 

“When we had just started with our own shipping network, this was still manageable, but now that we have multiple locations with more than 3000 stops per week, a visual pre-selection is vital. The Customer Label Editor allows us to do this!”

Paazl’s Custom Label Editor has made a significant difference to our logistics. We use this product to create a visible differentiator on our labels, for the various delivery options that we have.

So what else does the Customer Label Editor offer, in addition to convenience in sorting?
Cost-saving, of course!

“The largest cost-saving comes in the form of the number of sorting errors. We previously had the common problem that an order would accidentally end up in the wrong collection depot. This is quite frustrating for a client who has travelled to a depot for nothing. By removing any doubt as to where a package must go, we have been able to save hundreds of euros per day on these errors. This is a huge win for us.”

Multi-collo has subsequently been made available within the Custom Label Editor, making it easier to ensure that orders consisting of multiple packages are delivered together. 

As Frits further explains, “Many of the shipments that are sent with our own network, consist of several packages. We used to have to write this by hand on each label. This is of course not very neat, but it is also very prone to human error. With the multi-collo feature in Paazl’s Custom Label Editor, we can now indicate how many packages each shipment consists of, right on the label.
This feature is also very important for our drivers. It is a second check (separate from our PDA’s) for whether they deliver a total order. No customer wants to receive half a delivery. A frame without the mounting materials, or vice versa, is useless to the customer.”


We’re proud of this fantastic new product. In conclusion, the Custom Label Editor makes it simple and effective to streamline your logistics processes and ultimately save you money. It also provides you access to the new potential that custom labels offer, as an extension of your brand identity.

If you’d like to find out more about the Custom Label Editor, you can always speak with your account manager, or get in touch via the button below.

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