Pig & Hen Streamlines its Delivery Experience and Carrier Management with Paazl

May 9, 2019

Pig & Hen Streamlines its Delivery Experience and Carrier Management with Paazl

Pig & Hen is an Amsterdam-based fashion brand inspired by 17th-century Dutch sailors who used to tattoo pigs and hens on their feet as a symbol of good luck because pigs and hens often survived shipwrecks. Today the brand creates beautiful bracelets for their adventurous, fun-loving customers. Each bracelet is handmade in Amsterdam from ship’s rope and stainless steel, staying true to the brand’s nautical roots.

Quick overview

Pig & Hen currently uses the Paazl delivery experience and carrier management platform to take care of their delivery and carrier options for national and international customers. They have been our customer since August 2018. We sat down with Stefan Textor, E-Commerce Manager at Pig & Hen to discuss what the challenge was before turning to Paazl.

Pig & Hen Needed to Broaden Carrier Choices for Better International Delivery

Prior to Paazl, Stefan emphasized that the logistics department wasn’t effective in meeting international customer demands. They were working with very few carriers and had trouble delivering packages on time to their customers. The majority of Pig & Hen’s customer base comes from abroad (75%) ranging from Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

However, Pig & Hen were only working with a couple of carriers and found their international delivery options were not up to par. They needed to work with multiple carriers nationally and abroad because there is no one-size-fits-all carrier for each country. Pig & Hen also struggled with tracking international shipments which caused difficulties for the customer service team to handle WIMO (where is my order) tickets.

“We needed to work with multiple carriers, and we needed to automate processes to save time, so for me [Paazl] was an easy decision. Having used the platform before I was impressed with how easy it is to use Paazl,” Stefan Textor, E-Commerce Manager.

Now Pig & Hen’s logistics department has been totally revamped thanks to Paazl.



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Savings by better international delivery-ruling*
Conversion growth
Reduction in customer service enquiries
New Carriers (after using Paazl)


“We went from a totally manual process to an automated process. Now the excel sheets are gone and our logistics team are scanning each package and the Paazl software which generates a label for each parcel. Now the process is much more effective and mistakes are minimal.”

Pig & Hen Needed to Meet Customer Demands
with Flexible Delivery Options

Pig and Hen were not meeting customer demands because they didn’t offer flexible delivery options. Before Paazl, consumers were unable to select any pick-up points for their preferred location to get their packages. Consumers were also unaware of where their parcel was or when it would arrive at their home address. There was limited communication about delayed delivery which led to customer dissatisfaction.

With Paazl, consumers can select their desired pick-up point from a user-friendly map and can get an immediate status on the delivery.

“By implementing Paazl, we are able to clarify the whole delivery experience for our customers. We communicate which carrier will deliver the package, so they know exactly what they are paying for. We now have an overview of all the packages being delivered and being sent. We didn’t have this before, and it has done wonders for our customer service department. We used to check in two or three systems to see the whereabouts of an individual package, but now we can see it all in one system.”

Paazl Multi-Carrier & Delivery Platform

Pig & Hen were attracted to Paazl’s solution because it is adaptable and easy to connect. The brand currently uses WooCommerce and make use of Paazl’s WooCommerce extension. Although they plan to migrate over to Magento 2 shortly and are safe in the knowledge that when they do so they can make use of Paazl’s Magento 2 extension.

The Paazl solution enabled Pig & Hen to set delivery pricing and rules depending on the country they are shipping to through a shipping matrix. For example, Pig & Hen configured delivery to be free of charge in some countries while other countries to use specific local delivery carriers. Pig & Hen also had a positive onboarding process.

“Our Project Manager from Paazl, Merijn, has a real talent for putting himself in your shoes and seeing everything from your perspective. I really felt like he was thinking with us.”


Integrating Paazl has brought positive returns across all departments. Stefan told us that the logistics department employees are happier because their job is easier and more efficient using the Paazl shipping matrix feature. Now Pig & Hen work with multiple carriers which are more cost-effective rather than working with a few local carriers such as DHL for Germany or PostNL for the Netherlands. 

Paazl has also increased conversion in the sales department of up to 15%! Because delivery options are clearer, more accurate (real-time) and easier to understand, the customer service team can also handle the return process smoother. This is crucial because Pig & Hen will inevitably have a high return rate due to unique wrist sizing.

“Everyone knows their shoe size or their clothes size, but not many people know their wrist size. Just because you wear a size XL shirt does not mean that you need a size XL bracelet.”

Paazl makes it easy for the customer service team to connect with both the shipments and logistics departments to process the returns. After implementing Paazl, they have managed to decrease more than 30% of WIMO (where is my order) tickets.

“Before we didn’t have a logistics system that worked across all departments so now with all departments working with Paazl things are much easier. Pig & Hen is growing rapidly at the moment, so it is crucial for us to have all systems working as efficiently as possible. I have a clear overview of all the deliveries, all the carriers, everything the customer is or is not paying for.”


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