How CHASIN’ achieved international growth across 19 European countries with Paazl

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CHASIN’ use our plug & play solution for their webshop checkout

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Cross-Border Expansion

International expansion of CHASIN’ brand to 19 European countries

The Magento 2 extension helped save significant IT implementation costs during our cross-border expansion.
Marijn Leer – Head of Digital Sales & Omnichannel International
The challenge:

Cross-border expansion of the CHASIN’ brand

CHASIN’ has already moved beyond its home market of the Netherlands to offer its iconic jeans to customers based in other European countries. However, further international expansion comes with challenges. The brand must manage a variety of different carriers, while also offering customers delivery options they recognise. These options also need to cater to consumer needs, including evening delivery, next-day delivery, and click & collect.

Managing different carriers, delivery options, and payment methods is difficult enough when brands are fulfilling orders for domestic customers. But when companies must also navigate international borders, regulations, and customers’ varying demands, the complexity can rapidly get out of hand. As such, CHASIN’ needed a multi-carrier platform that could offer a variety of delivery options and was scalable enough to handle future growth.

CHASIN’ uses Paazl’s multi-carrier platform to boost customer satisfaction while lowering cost of delivery.

The Solution:

The Best Paazl Integration

Paazl has helped facilitate the international growth of the brand, supporting its use of international carriers that fit the company’s multi-carrier strategy while making delivery options more flexible for the consumer. Paazl’s existing Magento 2 extension also provided cost-saving and stability benefits during the IT integration process when connecting the Paazl Checkout Widget to CHASIN’s existing webshop. The fact that the CHASIN’ webshop already ran on the Magento 2 e-commerce platform made the transition to working with Paazl extremely straightforward.

Paazl also supports CHASIN’ in the printing of all carrier labels (and return labels) and provides valuable assistance for the brand’s Click & Collect offering. CHASIN’ is a true omnichannel brand, providing a consistent customer experience across all touchpoints. Alongside Paazl, CHASIN’ is able to offer a variety of delivery options, on-time fulfilment, and an all-round improved customer experience. From payment to last-mile delivery, they can look forward to further growth without worrying if the checkout and delivery experience is holding them back. CHASIN’ is already available in 19 different European countries but has its sights set on continuing expansion – looking even further afield.

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Who is CHASIN’?

CHASIN‘ is a jeanswear brand offering a retail-based, 24/7 omnichannel customer experience inspired by an active city lifestyle. The company’s products consist of the most popular jeanswear styles combined with urban and sportswear influences defined by the CHASIN’ DNA. Highlights within the brand’s current collections include its EGO performance jeans and weatherproof performance Jackets

The brand was founded in 1992 and it opened its first physical store in 2003. It quickly developed strong market appeal in its home market of the Netherlands. International expansion soon followed when they opened a retail outlet in Germany. Today, the company operates out of Amsterdam, with a large HUB close to the German border (in Duiven).

Aiming at long-term, international success, CHASIN’ has created a strong brand identity around its signature back pockets, logo, and three-piece design. The company’s brand values can be summed up in just three words: jeans, city, and performance. CHASIN’ is a denim brand first and foremost, inspired by everything urban life has to offer, and is committed to creating the ultimate functional features. Looking ahead, CHASIN’ has its sights set on further expansion by offering first-rate denim products and a future-oriented retail solution.

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How CHASIN’ achieved international growth across 19 European countries with Paazl

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