How Van den Assem saves time and development costs in their Magento 2 webshop using Paazl’s checkout tech

Magento 2 Extension

Van den Assem use our plug & play solution for their webshop

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Delivery options based on shopping cart contents

Paazl Platform

Easily add, switch, or remove carriers per country/region

– Theo Sengers, Managing Director Van den Assem
We spoke to Managing Director of Van den Assem, Theo Sengers, about how they translate their premium retail experience into their online channels, and final-mile delivery strategy.

Give customers choice

Pick-up points, time slots, click & collect, evening delivery: Van den Assem believes that their customers should have every option they desire. Theo explains: “Our target group is used to getting top-tier service everywhere they go. Our customers want to determine which delivery option suits them best, and we have to make sure that everything is possible.”

This proved easier said than done, the Managing Director admits. The time and expense required to integrate each of the options meant that it remained wishful thinking for a long time.

Magento 2 Extension

“We recently moved to the Magento 2 e-commerce platform. Fortunately, Paazl has what is essentially a plug and play Magento 2 Extension. This saved us significant design, development and time costs which we would have had to use to implement each carrier and delivery option manually. Using Paazl has allowed us to tick off our wishlist of delivery options much faster, as well as display them to our customers during checkout using the Checkout Widget.”

Having started with only PostNL, Van den Assem were quickly able to add UPS, Trunkrs, as well as their own delivery option to expand their premium delivery services offering.

Delivery day options

Adding to this, the implementation of delivery day choice in the online checkout was a no-brainer. ”Conversion simply increases if we can guarantee fast delivery times. But interestingly, at the end of the day, the customer just wants to decide exactly when the package arrives. So if next-day delivery doesn’t suit the customer, they always have the choice for their package to be delivered at a later date.

Working with Paazl made it easy for us to implement the delivery day option in our webshops. It is important that we can deliver at any moment that suits our clients.’’

Internation Expansion

“We receive a large number of orders from abroad, especially since the launch of our English website. There are huge cultural differences when it comes to delivery. With Paazl, we can respond perfectly to local delivery needs in the countries that we expand to, with local delivery options.”

In conclusion, Theo says: “We like to work with experts for constant improvement on the small details. Paazl is our expert in the field of delivery.”

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