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Trunkrs expands to Belgium with Same day and Next-Day services 

Trunkrs has launched their fast, friendly and green delivery services to Belgium, making them the first delivery service that offers Same Day delivery in Belgium. In doing so, they will offer a delivery option that is between one and three days quicker than the Belgian average. The Trunkrs Same Day and Next Day services are now, of course, also available to all Paazl customers that sell their products in Belgium (Flanders).
Through our collaboration with Paazl we can strengthen each other’s proposition towards our customers, and help them make a better-informed choice.
Marc Kooiman – CCO Trunkrs

How Trunkrs works

Trunkrs collect parcels from webshop owners in the morning, so that they can make use of a favorable cut-off time without having to perform night work. The packages are always delivered in the evenings between 17:00 and 22:00, when most consumers are at home.

Trunkrs’ goal is to deliver parcels faster, friendlier and greener, while unburdening customers with regard to delivery. Consumers get the best delivery experience by maintaining control over their delivery choices.

We spoke with Marc Kooiman, CCO, to find out more about the Belgian expansion and the last-mile delivery market:

Marc Kooiman
CCO Trunkrs
Great news that Trunkrs is expanding to Belgium. Why did you take this step, and why now?

“The Belgian e-commerce market is growing fast. We saw a great opportunity for our services there. Flemish shoppers currently have to wait an average of 1 to 3 days for their package to arrive, but with Trunkrs Same Day and Next Day delivery, they can always have their package delivered within 24 hours. We also want to provide Belgian consumers with the best experience in the last mile, just like our Dutch consumers experience.”

First delivery service to offer Same Day delivery in Belgium.

“With our Track and Trace, consumers can indicate their preferences for date, time, (SMS) updates and delivery with their neighbours. We already had a number of customers who were active in Belgium, and were very interested in offering Trunkrs Same Day delivery there as well. In this way, they can give their Belgian customers the same delivery experience as their Dutch customers.”

How do you experience the role of a multi-carrier shipping platform (Paazl) in the delivery chain?

“It is logical that webshops want to offer consumers many options so that they have control over their delivery. This way they can give all their customers, both new and returning, a delivery experience that meets their needs. This ensures a long-term relationship between the webshop and the consumer. The the last-mile experience is the final, crucial link.”

What are the biggest challenges for (web) retailers with regard to delivery?

“Translating their e-commerce strategy into delivery. The strategy is mainly aimed at a shopping experience from assortment, navigation and payment options. But to make this shopping experience complete, the feeling you get as a consumer in the webshop must be extended into the last-mile.

Customer experience vs. cost-focus

The delivery is the first physical contact moment a consumer has with the webshop. If this is a negative experience, it will reduce the chance of a repeat purchase. A cost-oriented approach in choosing a delivery service is often at odds with a strategy based on customer experience and customer lifetime value.”

Paazl has been working with fantastic Belgian companies for years. (Maxi Toys, Brouwland and LensOnline, among others.) What role do you see Paazl playing in this expansion for you?

“Through our collaboration with Paazl we can strengthen each other’s proposition towards our customers, and help them make a better-informed choice. For example, Paazl customers can offer the best Same Day delivery option, and Trunkrs customers with a multicarrier strategy can make use of a market-leading checkout proposition.”

The last-mile experience is the last crucial link for a long-term relationship between the webshop and the consumer
The last-mile challengers market has become very large, but also busy. What is the distinctive character of Trunkrs, and why do customers choose you over other players in the market?

“For us, the consumer is central during the delivery process. We therefore give them back control of their order via our Track and Trace by delivering when it suits them, instead of the other way around. As a result, we have received good ratings on both Google reviews & Trustpilot. Trunkrs is currently the top rated delivery service with scores of 4.9 * / 5 and 4.8 * / 5. The fact that consumers rate our services as the highest is certainly one of the reasons that webshop owners choose our services.”

What are the next steps for Trunkrs?

“We are certainly thinking about more expansions in the future. Our ambition is to conquer Europe and the rest of the world to deliver parcels to consumers faster, greener and friendlier”.

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