The story behind VanMoof’s bizarre bike-shipping box

By Paazl
October 3, 2017

How do you ship a €2500+ bike and get it to arrive safely? Well, not in a box showing it contains a bike, according to Dutch bike manufacturer Vanmoof.

With 25% of all their shipments previously arriving damaged, the company was desperate to find a bike-shipping solution. Talking to CNN, co-founder Taco Carlier explains: “We were suffering massive delivery damages, especially in the U.S., and facing major expenses for returns, replacements and refunds — it was a real mess.” The damage varied from a few scratches to, what Carlier describes as, catastrophic damage – “as if a truck had run over the bike.”

What do American love most?

Looking for a solution the founders started by asking themselves “what do Americans really love? What would prompt couriers to be delicate with a parcel?” This is when the idea for the television packaging came together “because our box is the same size and shape as that of a really huge TV.” The results of introducing the ‘new’ packaging are nothing short of amazing – damages to the deliveries dropped by over 80% and complaints are a thing of the past. Besides customers, delivery drivers are also responding positively.

90% online

Previous efforts to reduce damages by switching shipping carriers had little result. The introduction of new packaging will thus prove instrumental towards Vanmoof’s goal of selling 90% online by 2020. The only challenge? Keeping the packaging trick a secret to delivery drivers…

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