The rise of green delivery vehicles

By Paazl
July 13, 2018

E-commerce delivery just got a whole lot greener, cleaner and smarter. With carriers expanding their fleets, you may have seen a new type of vehicle out and about silently delivering parcels without the usual burst of diesel fumes. Let’s meet these new, green delivery vehicles and the carriers that are behind them.

Bubble Post’s Cargo Bikes

Bubble Post know that their green delivery vehicles need to be fit for purpose. Using Brussels as their testing ground they looked for a vehicle that could withstand cobblestones, tramlines and heavy traffic. After testing a variety of options they asked their suppliers to design an entirely new cargo bike. The finished article is versatile enough to withstand testing road surfaces and maneuverable enough to compete with the other cars, bikes and pedestrians.

The Cubicycle by DHL

The Cubicycle is a customised four-wheeled bike. It has pedal assist to help their employees out with any steep spots and GPS so their customers know where their items are in real-time.

You can see the Cubicycle in action in seven cities across Europe.


TRIPLs are fully-electric tricycles that can be seen delivering parcels in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne. Their small size means that they can go right up to customer doorsteps and enter car-free areas which were previously off-limits.

The TRIPL is particularly effective in high-delivery zones with multiple stops because they are quicker than traditional delivery vans.

PostNL’s Stints

PostNL’s stints are a common sight on the streets of Amsterdam and other Dutch cities. They are rather like a Segway with a large container at the front. These electric-powered stints take up less space on the roads than traditional delivery vans and reduce congestion, emissions and noise pollution.

The all-electric trucks from UPS

Let’s end on something completely different! This year UPS are starting a trial of all-electric delivery vans manufactured by British company Arrival.

As well as looking like they are from the future, these vehicles are seriously smart! Their battery power allows for more than 240 km of travel. The vehicles have Arrival’s signature wrap-around windscreen providing a larger view making the vehicle safer for the driver and other road users.

For the full conversation on how e-commerce delivery is going green come and join our webinar. Along with eco-friendly delivery carriers Stuart we will be discussing how you can make your brand more sustainable.

Alternatively, check out our sustainability whitepaper and discover the steps you can take to make your online brand more environmentally efficient.

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