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The Future is Sustainable Package Delivery

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Do you remember when it took at least a week to receive your package after ordering? We clearly do. When package delivery first began to grow larger, it was a whole different process than it is nowadays. It was slow, it was cumbersome. The basic focus was getting packages from A to B.

Polluting, by packing the roads with diesel delivery vans wasn’t a consideration back then. The same goes for the waiting times for customers: we all just had to wait. Looking back, we can say the start might have been rusty, but it did the job and it laid down a foundation.

From basic package delivery to an all-round unburdening service

Foundations are laid to be built upon. In the early days, Trunkrs believed that this basic process had extreme room for improvement in various areas. We learned from the most frequently heard complaints, especially during peak periods. During these times the pressure is high and weaknesses in the process come up to the surface. The perfect time to acquire knowledge and adjust to improve. While looking at these high pressure time periods, we noticed a few recurring issues:

  • delays in package delivery
  • missing and damaged packages
  • overflowing customer service because of complaints

It was time for change.

The starting point for all decisions and changes to come were based upon sustainability. Sustainability in transportation options, in processes and in customer care – for our clients, and our clients’ clients. Ultimately building towards sustainable package delivery. Trunkrs is here to break the vicious circle of recurring issues.

The Trunkrs Touch

The delivery process isn’t only about getting packages from A to B; it’s an all-round unburdering service. This is why Trunkrs started with a sustainable state of mind. The last thing we wanted to do is add to the pollution problem, so no new diesel vans were added to the poule. Instead we’ve started working and still work with (already existing) electric vans. We also support our subcontractors to obtain electric vans. We have implemented the sorting system, and make use of already existing warehouses: all with a personal Trunkrs touch. This way it was customized for our internal and external processes; from input to output.

Same and Next Day Delivery

So who are we today? We are your go-to partner for Same and Next Day delivery. Our high reliability rate can be put in numbers: 99% of our packages are delivered on the set day and time. A sustainable way of working is always our state of mind. We are consistently working on one of our main ambitions; becoming a 100% electric delivery service. Also, our customer centric approach grew even deeper and broader. For example, our customer service can be reached by you and your customers from 9 till 23h. We proudly stand for who we are and we love to take you along for the ride as a partner.

Are you ready for an upgrade in being unburdened, especially with the upcoming peak period in mind? Go Trunkrs. 

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