Six ways to make your online brand sustainable

By Paazl
July 30, 2018

Are you feeling inspired to make your online brand greener? Fantastic! To help you on your way – and to round off our month talking about sustainability – we have put together our six tips to make your online brand sustainable.

1. Make same-day delivery green

Express delivery is changing. You can give your customers the ultimate in convenience without compromising on your carbon footprint. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t! Bike couriers are changing the face of express delivery by offering same-day – and in some cases same-hour – delivery. Fietskoeriers, Stuart and are a few carriers to check out.

Alternatively, read our green delivery vehicles blog post to meet the greener, cleaner and smarter vehicles that carriers are using to deliver.

2. Avoid missed deliveries with multiple delivery options

Gone are the days of only standard and express delivery. If you want to really impress your customers a menu of delivery options ought to do it. From same-day to nominated-day to pick-up points, the more options you provide the more chances your customer will find one that suits them.

When delivery gets more flexible the number of missed deliveries reduce. Therefore you can avoid the additional emissions that come with delivering the item for the second time… third time… fourth time… okay you get our point.

For more information and inspiration read our blog post about the impact of missed deliveries on the environment.

3. Provide real-time updates

No one wants to sit at home all day waiting for a delivery, especially when it doesn’t arrive till 7pm! Keep your customers updated on the whereabouts of their item so they know exactly when they need to be home, and more than likely they will be.

Customers of Dutch grocery-delivery company Picnic, know exactly when to expect their deliveries. By using the Picnic app they are informed on the whereabouts of their groceries every step of the way.

4. Offer green delivery

If you want to be greener why not offer green delivery? Whether that means clustering your deliveries by area, ensuring the van is full before sending it out for delivery or using carbon-neutral vehicles.

British supermarket Sainsbury’s give their customers the option to choose a “green” delivery slot which is when there is already a van delivering in the same area. But that is not the only green delivery option on offer. Through a partnership with some of Sainsbusy’s deliveries are carried out by e-bike. A great example of green delivery!

5. Make your packages letterbox-sized

Take a leaf out of flower-delivery brand Bloom&Wild’s book and package your products in letterbox sized bundles. They never worry about missed deliveries because their buds can be delivered whether the customer is home or not. Obviously this won’t work for large items, but for books, clothing and beauty products it is worth a thought.

6. Avoid unnecessary returns

It is no secret that returns are inefficient. Therefore to make your online brand sustainable, minimising the number of returns is a great start. For fashion brands “poor fit” is one of the main reasons that items are sent back. Providing detailed product descriptions, imagery, measurements and sizing information will help your customers know exactly what they are getting before it arrives and it is too late.

Looking for more inspiration?

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