Scandinavian Budbee lands on Dutch Soil

By Bernard
September 27, 2019

Dutch online consumers are now able to get their e-commerce deliveries at their doorstep handled by the Scandinavian home delivery company called Budbee. The company is well-known in the Nordics for same-day and next-day delivery and sees an opportunity in also serving the Dutch market with personalized delivery.

Shoppers in the Netherlands have been spoiled with a wide variety of home delivery carriers with same-day and next-day delivery carriers. The two main competitors in the Netherlands in the field of same-day delivery are Redjepakketje and Trunkrs. They already earned their credits by building an impressive drivers’ fleet and customers. On next-day delivery, they will compete with ‘the big four’ in the Dutch market: PostNL, DHL, DPD, and UPS. So, it’s certainly no greenfield for these Vikings.



What makes them different

Budbee’s promise is to deliver ‘when the consumer is really home’. A promise we support from Paazl’s side. Apart from the physical delivery, they have a digital infrastructure that gives the consumer access to timeslots after their purchase – or as we call it post-purchase. And very clever, the busiest timeslots are the most expensive. Which is a smart way to provide consumers the ability to pay for what they want. That on itself is different than with other carriers. Let consumers pay for a delivery time slot of choice after the purchase with the webshop is not that common in the Dutch market. Dutch shoppers are known for their frugal mentality on delivery costs. So let’s see if this takes off.

Who are their customers

Budbee is very transparent who their ‘friends’ are. One of Budbee’s customers is Acne Studio’s. They combine Budbee next to MyPack in the Nordics and with UPS in the Netherlands. We expect Budbee to announce some first Dutch customers soon.


Budbee in Acne Studio’s checkout – in Sweden


Budbee in Acne Studio’s checkout – in the Netherlands


Budbee and Paazl

Budbee and Paazl are fully integrated and a number of Paazl customers are already using their services. Ask your Paazl contact for advice on how you can make use of Budbee as well.

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