5 expectations for peak season 2018

By Paazl
August 28, 2018

Wondering what to expect from peak season 2018? Wonder no more! We’ve analysed the trends, gone through the numbers and these are five of our peak season expectations for the months ahead.

1. Online sales will go through the roof

While there are reports of bricks and mortar stores getting quieter, e-commerce peak season sales have soared and we see this trend continuing this year.

To show just how much online sales have increased here are a few facts from last year that prove peak season online sales are booming.

French consumers spent €845 million online over Black Friday weekend in 2017 (The Local).

British shoppers spent £1.15bn online last Black Friday, which is a 15% increase from the same day in 2016 (BBC).

Two million people visited Argos’ Black Friday website in just four hours last year (TechRadar).

2. Same-day delivery will surge

Gift giving can be stressful, which is why more customers are likely to choose premium delivery options such as same-day delivery when buying Christmas gifts.

Research conducted by DropOff found that 42% of consumers find same-day delivery particularly valuable when purchasing a gift. Makes sense when you think that Christmas gifts need to arrive promptly so they are safely under the tree in time for Christmas morning.

With so much pressure mounting on one day, consumers won’t risk their gifts arriving late. So we predict same-day delivery will save Christmas for anyone that has left their shopping till the eleventh hour.

Last year Amazon announced that their last gift delivered in time for Christmas arrived in 58 minutes at 11.58 p.m. on Christmas Eve. So shoppers are cutting it close and relying on same-day delivery to get their gifts on time.

3. Smartphone sales will soar

We think that big sales will come from small screens this peak season. On Cyber Monday 2018, 47% of online shopping traffic came from a smartphone. Whether browsing or making purchases consumers are shopping via their smartphones on the go.

According to Deloitte during last year’s peak season 67% of consumers use their smartphone to browse online during the peak season, which is up from 45% in 2013. We predict that as consumers become evermore reliant on their smartphones this percentage is only going to increase in 2018.

Many brands are creating shopping apps rather than relying on their online stores to perform on smartphones. These apps have surged in popularity recently because of their usability and the fact that customers don’t need to create an account and log in every time they want to make a purchase.

4. Carriers will charge a peak season premium

Another one of our peak season expectations for 2018 is that carriers will start charging for delivery. Last year UPS charged a premium for peak season deliveries and have announced plans to do the same this year. Hardly surprising seeing as carriers are forced to hire seasonal staff to handle the influx of packages and returns.

5. Millennials will be the big spenders

Research has shown that millennials spend more online than other age groups (Independent). Millennials state that the comfort of shopping from home is the biggest draw to buying things online. Although another reason is that online shopping makes it easier to compare products and check reviews before making a purchase.

In terms of peak season spending we predict millennials to continue to spend the most online. In terms of their shopping habits, we expect to see them researching products before the big discount events – or browsing on the go via their smartphones – then making the actual purchase later. For this kind of purchasing behaviour e-commerce sites will see their saved items function prove to be invaluable.

Looking for more peak season inspiration?

So those are five of our peak season expectations for 2018, but our peak season related content doesn’t stop here. This month we are talking all about peak season preparation. Join our webinar for our seven tips to boosting your peak season sales. Or check out our peak season 2018: all the dates you need to know and five brands offering a Black Friday alternative articles for more inspiration.


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