Paazl releases a Magento 2 extension

By Paazl
February 12, 2019

There are some exciting times ahead for customers of Paazl and Magento 2. We have released our new Magento 2 extension. In this post, we are going to provide some more information on the benefits of using this extension. Alternatively, visit our dedicated Magento 2 extension page for a full list of the product features.

Why Magento 2?

Many of our customers use Magento 2 as their e-commerce platform. This is one of the reasons why we wanted to ensure that all Magento 2 users can easily access the very best Paazl products. So, we teamed up with Magento 2 to create this extension.

Why use Paazl and Magento 2’s extension?

The true value of this extension is that users can realise the benefits of Paazl’s Checkout Widget quickly and with minimal integration costs. The plug and play nature of this product means that once downloaded you can tweak the extension to meet your webshop’s requirements and go live instantly. Save valuable time and money on integration whilst providing one of the most superior delivery experiences in e-commerce.

At Paazl we plan to build and improve our Checkout Widget over the next few years. To ensure that our Magento 2 using customers have access to the latest checkout features, we will continuously update this extension.

Paazl’s Checkout Widget

From a single point of integration Paazl’s Checkout Widget provides dynamic delivery options for every order. Our powerful algorithm uses delivery location, stock availability and product details (size and weight) to calculate personalised delivery options for each order. Then your customer can simply pick and choose the delivery option that suits them.

The Checkout Widget displays all these options pre-purchase in either our home delivery or our pick-up tab. This gives your customers all the delivery information they need to check out with confidence.

Read more about Paazl’s Checkout Widget in this dedicated post.

How can I use this extension?

Don’t miss the opportunity to wow your customers with your delivery display. View our dedicated Magento 2 extension page for a full list of features and more information or contact one of Paazl’s delivery experts to start using this product.

Alternatively, join our Magento 2 webinar for a deep-dive into the functionalities and benefits of this extension.

Not a customer yet?

Are you interested in learning more about how Paazl can help you up your delivery game? Request a demo to take our products for a spin or alternatively get in touch with one of our delivery experts to find out how you can increase your conversion and customer satisfaction.

If you aren’t ready to speak to someone just yet why not read about someone else’s experience working with Paazl? Download our latest customer case study and hear first hand what life is like before and after Paazl for an international e-commerce brand.


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