Paazl Highlights: A look back at 2019

By Bernard
December 24, 2019

As the end of the year approaches, the time for reflection is upon us. Paazl team has had an eventful 2019 and is planning for an even grander 2020; but before we jump ahead, let’s take a look at 5 highlights in 2019.


1. Paazl Check-out Widget


The year was kicked off with the launch of the Paazl Check-out Widget. Which is the next version of Paazl Perfect. Paazl Check-out Widget helps Paazl customers configuring and displaying delivery options in their check-out. Paazl Check-out Widget is highly configurable and can be fully adopted to the css stylesheet of the webshop.

As a Paazl customer you are able to configure Nominated day delivery, Expected Delivery Dates, Timeframes, Pick-up points and Click & Collect. All powered by one single API. This new feature has some new benefits in compare to Paazl Perfect.

  • The Paazl Check-out Widget is based on REST. This makes the integration and maintenance easier
  • Webshops can adjust the frame to their own css
  • We also calculate and visualize an Expected Delivery Date and Timeframe for delivery on a Pick-up point
  • Click & Collect delivery has been added as a standard feature
  • A standard integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Magento 2 

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2. Paazl / Salesforce Commerce Cloud  and Magento 2


We teamed up with Magento 2 and Salesforce to make the Paazl Check-out Widget integration as seamless as possible. Thus, the Magento 2 extension was released in February, followed by the Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge in March.

Customers using either of the two e-commerce platforms can now apply Paazl to their webshop with just a few lines of code. The easy plug-and-play solution has saved many from spending unnecessary time, money, or nerves worrying about the effect delivery has on their customer experience.

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3. Jan-Willem Roest joins Paazl as CEO


In mid-August, Jan-Willem Roest was appointed as the CEO of Paazl. After working for nearly 10 successful years at PayPal, Jan-Willem decided to bow out from his role as the General Manager of Benelux and Ireland and make the shift from payments to delivery.

I thought it was time for me to see what I could do with my corporate experience and if I could actually use it to help the smaller, yet very promising, businesses to grow. E-commerce, in general, is something that intrigues me and I believe that the market is ready for innovative players like Paazl.

In 2020, Jan-Willem has his focus on making the Paazl product as agile and scalable as possible to ensure the best customer experience for Paazl users.


4. Paazl Delivery Index 2019


Between the madness of Black Friday, Sinterklaas, and Christmas, Paazl decided to take on yet another challenge. We researched the Twinkle100 list to answer the question: how do Dutch e-commerce players deliver?

The Paazl Delivery Index 2019 takes a look at their delivery and returns options, including cost and timeframe. Surprisingly, the results turned out somewhat troublesome with over 90% of the retailers not offering a ‘green delivery’ option to their customers. Additionally, 40% had no option for pick-up points.

The rise of sustainability is only beginning. This is why Paazl will continue to take steps towards more green delivery, conscious carriers, and sustainable shipping in 2020. The Paazl Delivery Index 2019 can be requested here.


5. Already over 150 customers who care about delivery


Last but certainly not least, Paazl has had the pleasure to work with over 150 international and local merchants.

Focusing on Delivery Experience and Carrier Management we went live with our first customer story. We trust many will follow and are very excited to find out what the year 2020 will bring Paazl.

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