The Paazl Checkout Widget

January 31, 2019

Paazl’s Checkout Widget enables online shops to display a wide variety of delivery options in their checkout. This enriches their customer experience without the struggle of intensive development.

What can it do?

The widget displays a range of delivery options, so your customers can pick and choose the option which is most convenient for them. The delivery options are arranged in a home delivery and a pick-up location tab, which offer great flexibility in displaying the various shipping options.  You can completely customize the widget’s styling to suit the branding of your shop for a seamless check-out look & feel. Of course, language localization is also available.

1.Home delivery Tab

The home delivery tab provides different day and time slots, which are calculated in real time by the Paazl delivery date algorithm.

1.1 The Paazl delivery date algorithm

Paazl’s real-time calculation of shipping options is based on  location, carrier information and customized business rules. So you can provide accurate shipping information to every customer.

You set up your business rules in Paazl’s ‘delivery matrix’, which includes the shipping costs displayed in your check-out. The matrix allows smart pricing based on various characteristics of the product in a customer’s shipping basket (e.g. weight, size, value). It also enables you to decide which shipping option (e.g. same-day, morning delivery, weekend delivery) to use for which product type.

Shipping date and time slots are calculated based on carrier information as well as warehouse opening times, order cut-off times and carrier pick-up times.


2. Store Tab

Easily show your stores as Click & Collect shipping option in your checkout and connect your online and offline customer experience seamlessly.

You customise the number of stores that you want to display in the checkout as well as in the customer-friendly map.

The stores closest to the customer’s postal code show up first, displayed with additional information such as opening times and costs.

3. Pick-up Tab

The pick-up tab shows your customer the pick-up locations and parcel lockers that are closest to his or her postal code. Additional information such as opening times and costs is also displayed.

You can customise the number of locations that are displayed in this customer-friendly map .

The pick-up locations from any carrier can be shown, which means that a mix & match of global players, local carriers and click & collect stores is no problem.


How does it work?

The widget is based on a REST API to ensure an easy integration, flexibility and high performance. Data transfer between your webshop’s back-end and Paazl is highly secure. The workflow between Paazl’s back-end, the Checkout widget and a webshop can be summarized in 5 simple steps.

  • Your customer finishes his/her shopping spree and goes to your checkout
  • Your customer fills in his/her address details, which are communicated to Paazl. At the same time the customer’s browser sends a shipping option request to Paazl
  • Paazl uses its shipping date algorithm to return suitable shipping options
  • Your customer can now select the perfect shipping option for his/her convenience
  • Paazl saves the selected option


Why do you need it?

Paazl’s Checkout widget makes delivery easy for you and your customer but there is more. It enables you to:

  1. Save costs
    • No carrier maintenance
    • Easy and fast integration
    • New carriers added with one click
  2. Meet customer expectations:
    • Transparency
    • Convenience
    • An attractive UX
  3. Flexibility:
    • Adjust delivery to market changes right away
    • Internationalization with local carriers

Sounds great! How can I improve my delivery strategy?

Want to know how Paazl can improve your delivery strategy so you can boost your sales this year? You know the drill! Get in touch and we will be happy to let you test drive our products.

Not ready to speak to someone just yet? Why not have a look at our in-checkout delivery information whitepaper to see how some of the biggest fashion brands in e-commerce boost – and in some cases bust – their sales.

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