Overview: these are the same-day delivery and premium carriers in Europe

By Paazl
May 22, 2018

So, you are looking to take your brand to the next level by offering your customers more delivery convenience? Or are you looking to turn those inner-city stores into more than ‘just products on shelves?’ Meet the same-day delivery carriers that can help you out! In this overview, we will run you through the new wave of European delivery companies that put the ‘premium’ in parcel delivery.

  • Belgium
    • Parcify
  • France
    • Stuart
  • Germany
    • Kalix
    • Liefery
    • Tiramizoo
  • Netherlands
    • Fietskoeriers.nl
    • Red Je Pakketje
    • Trunkrs
  • Spain
    • Glovo
    • Paack
  • United Kingdom
    • Brisqq



Belgian start-up Parcify first made waves with their idea of ‘anywhere’ delivery. Instead of needing an address to deliver to, the company simply needs your smartphone location or a pin on the map. So whether you are hanging out in the park, or grabbing a drink in your favourite pub – Parcify will find you.

The company was acquired by Belgian national postal company Bpost in 2017 but continues to operate under its own name. Since then the company rolled out to the Netherlands, even introducing delivery by kayak in the Amsterdam canals. Other highlights include a ‘geo-location delivery’ partnership with fashion giant Zalando.

Today the Parcify seems to focus more on helping out local (small) retailers to deliver offline purchases by courier, and less on providing premium delivery to larger online retailers. Missed opportunity or smart move in a crowded carrier space?

  • Company: Parcify
  • Employees: 21
  • Founded in: 2015
  • Operational in: Belgium, Netherlands
  • Claim to fame: Geo-location delivery
  • Backed/owned by: Bpost



French company Stuart calls itself a “B2B delivery platform and on-demand logistics solution”. In layman’s terms, this means connecting businesses to local couriers to speed up and simplify delivery. The company serves businesses of all sizes, including famous names such as The Kooples, Caspar, and Decathlon. Using Stuart these businesses can convert their local stores to distribution centers, clearing the way for sub-30-minute deliveries.

The company was acquired by GeoPost, and has since spread out to fifteen cities across France, Spain, and the UK.

  • Company: Stuart
  • Employees: 217
  • Founded in: 2015
  • Operational in: 14 cities: Paris, Barcelona, London, Madrid, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Lille, Strasbourg, Nantes, Sheffield, Newcastle, Leeds.
  • Claim to fame: Smarter and faster urban logistics
  • Backed/owned by: GeoPost



Urban. Same-day. Time-frames. Liefery ticks all the boxes of a modern premium carrier. With over 600.000 shipments monthly, the company is a serious force in the German logistics landscape. Clients include Zalando, Rewe, and Hellofresh who use Liefery’s brigade of couriers to get items delivered faster and with more flexibility. Currently, fifteen cities are serviced:

As was the case with Parcify, the big carriers soon caught on to this new idea of delivery – in 2017 Hermes acquired a majority stake in the company. Amongst the innovations launched since is a partnership with car brand Smart, allowing customers to get their parcel delivered straight into their parked car.

  • Company: Liefery
  • Employees: 63
  • Founded in: 2014
  • Operational in: 15 German cities including Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Köln, and München
  • Claim to fame: Urban delivery platform for same-day and express
  • Backed/owned by: Hermes


All this e-commerce is great for consumers. But just for how long? Delivery vehicles have a growing share in gridlock traffic. And traditional stores are closing, as we spend our money elsewhere. Trends that will only continue if nothing is done…

Reasons enough for the German city of Karlsruhe to take action. Their Kalix delivery platform aims at combining the fun of offline shopping with the convenience of (same-day) home-delivery. Customers simply ask a retailer for delivery, which can then be booked via the platform. To make things even easier, purchases from up to 5 participating retailers can be combined in a single delivery. So get your shopping spree on! The costs? Just €2,99 for inner-city deliveries, and €0,80 for each kilometer outside urban Karlsruhe.

There are mixed reports on the adoption of the service. Some say retailers do little to advertise the service. Others are a great fan. “It could not be better,” says one owner of a Karlsruhe computer store. For him, same-day delivery is the trump card against giants like Amazon, who first have to get the goods from a distant central warehouse. And he thinks that some of his fellow traders miss something: “I have never been offered the service anywhere else.”

  • Company: Kalix
  • Employees: ?
  • Founded in: 2016
  • Operational in: Greater Karlsruhe area
  • Claim to fame: Platform connecting local Karlsruhe retailers to courier companies
  • Backed/owned by: Karlsruhe local government


Tiramizoo provides a same-day delivery service in metropolitan areas in Germany and Austria. And by metropolitan, the company means more than the giant cities – you can find the company in over 160 cities.

Tiramizoo works with more than 3,000 couriers, driving around in some 160 cities. That is what we call coverage! One of Tiramizoo’s key clients is the German branch of MediaMarkt, who use the company to deliver both online and offline orders. In an interesting study, done by both companies, some light is shed on the use of the premium services:

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor mediamarkt same-day delivery tiramizoo

Surprisingly (or is it?), most offline buyers use the fast delivery company to deliver the really large stuff, online buyers call in Tiramizoo for the small stuff. Interesting omnichannel input!

Besides offering the popular same-day service, Tiramizoo is also equipped to deliver in designated time-frames – from early morning until late in the evening. When delivering locally, the company can get from store to door within an impressive 90 minutes! Fast enough for your Germany clientèle? Investors in the company include Shell and Daimler.

  • Company: Tiramizoo
  • Employees: 21 + ‘3700 courier partners’
  • Founded in: 2010
  • Operational in: Over 160 cities in Germany and Austria
  • Claim to fame: Same-day delivery for (online) retail in German urban areas
  • Backed/owned by: Shell



The Netherlands is a nation of cyclists. It comes as no surprise then that the country of rich in bike messenger companies, who have long ridden around delivery urgent documents or much-needed medicine. But then e-commerce came around. Reason enough for ‘old-school’ bike messenger companies to join force and start Fietskoeriers.nl. Today, the network is working for some of the most famous names in Dutch e-commerce, including cycling store Futurumshop who now deliver as much as 40%(!) of their orders by bike.

  • Company: Fietskoeriers.nl
  • Employees: ?
  • Founded in: 2016
  • Operational in: 30 major Dutch cities
  • Claim to fame: Partnership by 18 courier Dutch companies who serve the e-commerce market together
  • Backed/owned by: Courier companies including Cycloon

Red Je Pakketje

The young founders of Red Je Pakketje are no strangers to e-commerce. Before starting the courier company they ran a successful online store in ‘meal replacement’ shakes and candy bars. Frustrated with the existing delivery services they started Red Je Pakketje, aimed at offering at creating a better connection between the digital and physical world. Services include same-day and evening delivery across the Netherlands (excluding the Wadden Islands).

  • Company: Red Je Pakketje
  • Employees: 35
  • Founded in: 2015
  • Operational in: The Netherlands
  • Claim to fame: Same-day delivery for (online) retail


Trunkrs was started around the idea of crowd-sourced delivery. The founders envisioned a future in which consumers would pick-up a few parcels on their way home from work, stick these in the trunk of their car and deliver to nearby neighbours. This idea proved a little too challenging to work in real life, at least for now. Still, Trunkrs successfully turned their strategy around to become a dedicated same-day delivery provider for prices that can truly compete with next-day delivery by the big-name carriers.

Amongst the clients of the company are online drug store De Online Drogist, automotive player AutoWebshop and Zalando, who use Trunkrs for same-day delivery for the Netherlands and parts of Germany.

  • Company: Trunkrs
  • Employees: 17
  • Founded in: 2015
  • Operational in: The Netherlands & Western Germany
  • Claim to fame: Crowd-sourced same-day delivery



Same, same, but different. Spanish company Glovo shares many similarities with the companies already mentioned but is still unique in its own way. Like many of the others, Glovo is big in on-demand delivery within city limits. But unlike others, they don’t differentiate between fresh food or a fresh pair of sneakers. This also puts the company in the same space as UberEats, Foodora of Deliveroo. Serious competition.

The couriers – called Glovers – are available to pick-up anything, from any store the consumer likes, meaning an integration with an online store is not always needed. The Glovo service is available in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Chile, Argentina, and Peru. In 2017 Interbrand named it one of the 40 companies that will change the world, as the only Spanish company on the list. Amongst the investors backing the company is Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten, proving that there is a serious belief in a future full of Glovers.

  • Company: Glovo
  • Employees: 568
  • Founded in: 2015
  • Operational in: Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Chile, Argentina and Peru
  • Claim to fame: On-demand delivery of anything
  • Backed/owned by: Rakuten


Is it a carrier? Is it a network of couriers? A tech company? Or all 3? We don’t exactly know. But what we do know is that Paack describes itself as: “the next generation’s delivery company for online retailers and physical stores.” Putting these words into practice are their 2-hour delivery and scheduled same-day delivery services, available throughout Spain. Other countries are said to follow. Clients include El Corte Ingles, Loewe, and Laconicum.

  • Company: Paack
  • Employees: 34
  • Founded in: 2015
  • Operational in: Spain
  • Claim to fame: The next generation’s delivery company for online retailers and physical stores

United Kingdom


How to deliver faster? And more precise? British company Brisqq thinks the way to a one-hour delivery slot is using the power of the crowd.

The company was “born out of a desire to reinvent a fragmented and broken local delivery market. Retailers (and other businesses) needing precise local delivery had little choice but to look to a pool of options, each one worse than the other. When they found a service, it usually lacked precision, was expensive and slow.”

To provide an alternative the company is creating an urban network of crowd-sourced couriers. Currently, London and Amsterdam are served in a 13-kilometer radius around a store or warehouse. The service can be used by ‘traditional’ offline stores, who can simply book a delivery via the platform. Or it can be integrated straight into an e-commerce check-out so the customer can select a one-hour time frame on a day of choice (including today).

  • Company: Brisqq
  • Employees: 30
  • Founded in: 2014
  • Operational in: London & Amsterdam
  • Claim to fame: Precise 1-hour delivery within metropolitan cities

What can we learn from this overview?

The same-day and premium delivery space is buzzing with action. Many of these new companies blend the lines between carrier and technology company, often using the power of existing couriers to make final deliveries. Also, we see a clear trend towards ‘urban-only’ services, that skip rural areas altogether. For more on this trend, be sure to read our 2018 trend report.

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