New in Paazl: User Management

By Paazl
March 30, 2018

Hi there Paazl Users and Fans!

Here at Paazl we always work on new features and improvements everyday. Up until now, we haven’t informed you about all this cool stuff on our blog. Let’s fix that. Every now and then New In Paazl: will highlight improvements we’ve launched, so you can easily stay up-to-date on what’s new. Hence, we’re excited to now introduce you to our newest feature: User Management!

What is User Management?

User Management allows Paazl clients to create and edit users with different rights to functionalities within their account. Now you’ll have more control and insight over your Paazl account!

Why is it important?

You do not want to show everybody your privates, right? So, you don’t want everyone to access important Paazl settings which might directly affect your stores or warehouses. With this feature we made sure you’re all covered ; )

Let’s take a quick look:


  Different Roles and Rights

You can now connect various users to four different roles: ‘Shop Owner’, ‘Power User’, ‘Normal User’ and ‘Limited User’.

In the table below you can find rights and limits conform their roles. By rights and limits we mean if you can acces the different tabs in the Paazl account, or can’t.




Getting interested? Want to find it? Go to Paazl, login with your main account and go to settings. In the dropdown you’ll find a new tab, not surprisingly named: User management. Here you can add users.

  Adding Users

Users are created by the Shop Owner, which means that there should always be one to set up the other roles. Businesspartners, don’t worry – in Paazl there’s room for more than one Shop Owner!

When a Shop Owner adds users, they have to fill out specific user information per role, like name, e-mail address and a unique username. We strongly advise you to use an email address as a username – that’ll be one less thing to remember..

  Who gets this?

The new feature is available in the account settings from license B and up. We already included User Management in these accounts, so it is possible you noticed it before.
Are you on a license B or up, and didn’t come across it yet? Let us know.
Are you on a license A or other, but do want to work with User Management? Get in contact with your Paazl account manager.


Need help with User Management?

For our customers this information is also available on our Paazl Help page! There you can find a video and see step by step where to find and how to operate User Management.

More questions? We are always available by

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