K5 – Future Retail Conference 2019

By Paazl
June 24, 2019

This June, Paazl had the great pleasure of attending K5 in Berlin. The event was filled with highly interesting talks presented by thought leaders from various companies. Sharing onstage their stories of growth, they confirmed that our approach of challenging the delivery status quo is in demand. We see convenience as the primary focus for e-commerce brands and retailers as it completes offline the shopping experience consumers started online.

Among the numerous captivating presentations by About You, Breuninger, Mytheresa and others, we wanted to zoom in on a few that left us with a lasting impression.

Driving Innovation

On the Future Retail Stage, Felix Jahn from Puma talked about “Driving innovation: E-commerce in Store”. He took a look at Puma’s alignment of its offline and online channels in order to drive conversion, which was a great example of digital innovation. A point that was especially interesting to us was his focus on internal human communication between channels as being vital for success.

Dream Big

Another innovative talk was given by Dr. Christian Boszczyk, co-founder of BSTN. This international online shop experienced immense success thanks to its founders’ blood, sweat and tears, and their ability to eye market trends. In contrast to many other online shops, BSTN started with an international approach instead of a local one. Utilizing the power of a strong brand image and influencer marketing, they establish a leading position in the Basketball and Rap community. An exclusive relationship with Nike and viral marketing campaigns pushed their growth even further. Online presence is key. However Christian pointed out how important their store locations are as well. The look and feel of their stores allows them to connect with customers in a way that would not otherwise be possible.

Female in Retail meets Sustainability

The last impression that we want to share is the “Sustainable value creation in the fashion industry” masterclass organized by Female in Retail. The presenters Vera Vaubel (Founder & Ceo of changlog.blog), Vera Günther (Co-Founder of mimycri), Mona Buckenmaier (Senior Business Development Manager of Riani GmbH) and Julia Zirpel (Founder of the wearness GmbH) are not only incredible examples of successful women in retail, but also forerunners in the sustainable fashion movement.

Each company has a different approach to making fashion more sustainable. Mona Buckenmaier explained that Riani is a family owned business which has grown organically over the past 40 years. Riani GmbH finds it key to know suppliers personally and choose them wisely. Long-lasting healthy relationships with suppliers but also with manufacturers and employees create a strong company that focuses on people and the planet.

Julia Zirpel dedicated her marketplace, the wearness, to the communication of brand impact on sustainability. She carefully selects the luxury brands that are offered in her store. A system of sustainability labels provides transparency about their ecological footprint. Some labels are “Charitable”, “Eco-friendly”, “Vegan”, “Female Empowerment”, “Made in Europe” and “Zero Waste”.

With mimycri Vera Günther created a company that also makes a political statement about the refugee crisis. The bag brand uses rubber from broken refugee boats as its main material. Production is based in Berlin and the tailors came to Germany as refugees. mimicry bags tell a story of fresh opportunities and human connection, which is unique in a fast-fashion economy. The key learning of this session was that every effort counts toward making fashion more meaningful and sustainable again.

Thank you K5!

K5 was an insightful experience for the Paazl team thanks to all of its inspiring speakers and guests. In particular, Stefan Wenzel from Tom Tailor and Nikolai Babin from Salamander hosted theme tables and initiated very interesting conversations. Also, it was a great opportunity to meet up with our partners and friends from Salesforce, Adyen, Spryker, Klarna, Arvato, and Nosto.

We would like to thank the organizing team for making K5 such an extraordinary experience! We are already looking forward to next year.

See you at K5 in 2020!


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