Infographic: consumer online shopping preferences during peak season

By Paazl
November 20, 2018

Premium delivery is no longer a nice-to-have according to our research. Paazl has studied holiday shipping preferences and can conclude that same-day and nominated-day delivery are amongst the most popular online consumer needs. Increased delivery precision is also needed to reduce the risk of parcel overload during the peak season. We have complied our findings into a handy infographic. Scroll down to view the infographic in full.

Speed and precision

Our research shows that speedy and precise delivery is at the top of the Christmas wish lists of shoppers this holiday season. 77% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase during peak season when same-day delivery is available. Likewise, over three quarters of consumers are more likely to make a holiday purchase when they can nominate the day of delivery. In another attempt to reduce holiday shipping stress more consumers are looking at pick-up points in Peak Season. Last year saw a 16% increase in consumers picking up their online holiday purchases. This percentage is only expected to grow going into Peak Season 2018.

Hidden benefits to customer experience

Aside from pleasing customers there might be another, more hidden, benefit to improving delivery precision. Last holiday season we saw delays at most major carriers worldwide as they got overwhelmed by unexpected peak volumes. Letting customers pick their own delivery date or pick-up location greatly reduces the chance of a failed delivery. This saves carriers many extra delivery attempts in their busiest season. Especially during the Black Friday madness, spreading out volumes across multiple delivery days could prove vital in preventing carriers from overloading.

The premium delivery options that customers expect to see this holiday season include:

  • Same-day delivery, which is well suited to last-minute shoppers or shoppers that want the guarantee that their gifts will arrive on time.
  • Nominated-day delivery so customers can plan a day to be home to receive their gifts and missed deliveries are avoided.
  • Real-time delivery updates provide peace of mind in the busy run up to Christmas.

With peak season well and truly underway we are looking forward to seeing how brands deliver this holiday season. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog for more peak season insights.

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