Industry experts: Same-day delivery will be the standard by 2023

By Paazl
May 18, 2018

The instant gratification of buying in-store long gave offline retailer the edge over e-commerce. But just for how long will this stand? A recent survey conducted by Zebra amongst 2700 professionals in logistics and retail across 16 countries comes to a clear conclusion: by 2023 same-day delivery will be the standard.

Let the crowd help out

Of the logistics companies asked, a whopping 78% plan to have a same-day service running by then. 40% even expect the majority of deliveries to take place within two hour by 2028. To help make it all happen, carriers are increasingly looking at ‘the crowd’ to help them out. By 2028 87% expect to be using crowdsourcing in some form.

Pressure to deliver fast & free

Retailers on their side are also working hard to make faster delivery feasible. Already, a majority of retailers surveyed is using stores as ‘fulfilment centres’. This will only grow as retailers struggle to cope with returns and feel the pressure to delivery cheaper. Over 60 percent of retailers currently not offering free shipping, free returns or same-day delivery plan to do so in the near future.

Interestingly, Zalando is already seeing costs for same-day delivery within urban areas drop, below those of ‘regular’ services, which could prove a major breakthrough for this new logistics framework.

Rural versus urban divide

The growth of same-day delivery will likely grow the divide between services offered in metropolitan areas versus rural regions. In sparsely populated areas, far from stores or warehouses, same-day delivery will simply cost too much. Only if we can finally get drones to deliver parcels en masse we can get this divide to shrink. For more about the divide between urban and rural check out our 2018 trend report, in which we also address this issue.

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