How to stop delivery disasters this Christmas

By Paazl
December 20, 2018

The run up to Christmas is without a doubt the most testing time for e-commerce delivery. 90% of British adults shop online in the run up to the big day, piling the pressure on delivery carriers. And for customers it isn’t plain sailing either. Once they have clicked ‘buy now’ the stress of whether their Christmas deliveries will arrive on time begins. In this blog post we are going to look at some common delivery disasters and how to prevent them.

Missed deliveries at Christmas

Consumer group Which? conducted research which showed that last year over half of British consumers had an issue with receiving their e-commerce deliveries. While the issues ranged from items being left in the bin (7%), to thrown over the fence (4%) to disappearing after being left with neighbours (2%),  many came from dealing with missed deliveries in the wrong way.

How to prevent missed deliveries

Whether Christmas deliveries or not, the simplest way to prevent missed deliveries is to deliver when the customer is home. This means providing the option for customers to nominate a delivery day and preferably also a time slot.

Another way to prevent missed deliveries is to provide timely and proactive Track & Trace notifications so that consumers know where the item is and when it will arrive. Best practice when it comes to Track & Trace notifications is when a brand actively informs the customer of the date and time that the item will be delivered so they can make arrangements to be available when the item is delivered.

Working to prevent missed deliveries will also help relieve the pressure on delivery carriers. If delivery attempts are successful first time around carriers will not need to spend valuable resources on further delivery attempts.

Delivery delays

If there was ever a time when delivery delays are unwelcome it is when the item in question is a gift. 92% of Christmas shoppers say that on time delivery is more important when the item is a gift and 67% have abandoned a gift purchase due to slow shipping times. Ensure your customers have their Christmas gifts under the tree on December 25th by clearly communicating your last order date.

Working with multiple carriers

To ensure that a choice of delivery options are available year-round, many brands decide to work with multiple carriers. This is especially beneficial for brands that ship their items overseas. By working with multiple carriers they can ensure that the best delivery carrier for the region is delivering their products. At Christmas and other busy times of the year working with more than one carrier means that if one carrier is experiencing delays their customers have the option of alternative delivery methods.

Brands who are taking matters into their own hands

This Christmas, Dutch lingerie brand Love Stories have turned themselves into a real-life Father Christmas. Intrigued to know more? From December 20th to 24th Love Stories will be providing a personalised, same-day delivery service on all Amsterdam-based orders. These special Christmas deliveries will be carried out emission free with Love Stories’s unique cargo bike. What a great delivery initiative to ensure that all last-minute gifts are delivered in time for Christmas!

For more ideas on how you can ensure your customers have a smooth delivery service throughout the festive season and beyond, get in touch with one of Paazl’s delivery experts.

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