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Ship-from-Store explained in 8 steps

How to sell existing stock when stores are closed

Ship-from-store is perhaps the pinnacle of the omnichannel mindset. By turning physical stores into mini-distribution centres (especially in high-density areas) you are able to fulfil more orders. This allows you to enable same-day shipping on a large scale, for example. You can also use local (and often more sustainable) shipping methods.

Many brands & retailers have been debating what true omnichannel means to their brands, however, very few have really taken action in combining online & offline sales channels to create the best experience for their customers. Recently, things seem to have changed and retailers are forced into changing quickly, as their shops were (partially) closed down due to COVID-19.

The forced (partial) closing down of physical locations meant that some retailers realised how their offline presence gives them a unique edge over their digital-only competitors. Perhaps best exemplifying this trend is the rise of Click & Collect, with some retailers reporting in-store pick-ups overtaking their home delivery volumes.

Sending online orders to offline stores is just the start. Innovative companies like G-Star and Nordstrom are taking omnichannel logistics to another level. For instance, they are shipping online orders from their retail stores, using stores as mini DC’s. In conclusion, they are making use of all their available channels.

So how does ship-from-store work in practice? Take a look at the infographic below for an 8-Step guide to ship-from-store with Paazl.

“Omnichannel commerce focuses on providing a seamless customer experience whether the client is shopping online using their phone or a laptop, or offline in a brick-and-mortar store.” 

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