How comfortable are consumers about in-home delivery?

By Paazl
October 27, 2017

Not to be outdone by Walmart, Amazon recently announced Amazon Key. This new service allows in-home delivery: couriers gain authorized access to a customer’s home in order to drop off parcels. Features include an app to manage access, real-time notifications on delivery progress and the ability to watch a (live) video recording of the drop-off.

 What do consumers make of this?

But are consumers ready to give up a slice of privacy for an extra bit of service? 9To5Mac asked their readers to which 37% of the 6.000 respondents answered: “no, I am not ready for people entering my home without me being there.” A 61% majority, however, is generally comfortable with the concept, with some different opinions on who to give access. The same poll asked readers if they already have a smart lock in place, to which 47% answer “no, and I am not planning to buy one.” 15% already have the tools to offer remote access to their homes, and almost 35% wants to buy a smart lock in the future. All in all, we see mixed opinions on this new service, but a surprisingly large number of people are ready to embrace the idea in the future.

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