HomyHub unlocks the delivery potential of garages

By Paazl
July 19, 2018

For those that found Amazon’s in-home delivery a step too far, HomyHub’s new initiative is a tamer – but just as effective – alternative.

The Spanish startup is revolutionising e-commerce logistics through the launch of Safe Delivery. Customers can have online purchases delivered to their garages and access is controlled via an app. Therefore deliveries are secure and there is no need for the customer to be at home.

How does Safe Delivery work?

To turn their garage into a delivery point, customers will need the HomyHub starter kit (currently €150) and to download and install the application. Through the app they are able to open and close the door remotely, monitor the garage and grant or revoke access.

What does this mean for sustainability?

Missed deliveries are one of the biggest inefficiencies in e-commerce. The additional delivery attempts cost money and miles, causing emissions and congestion.

Other attempts to reduce missed deliveries such as evening delivery, weekend delivery and same-day delivery are becoming more widespread. But these superior delivery options often come with a premium that customers are not always willing to pay.

If all goes well, Safe Delivery could abolish missed deliveries without the need for out-of-hours delivery.

Read our blog post on the environmental impacts of missed deliveries to find how brands and retailers are working to reduce failed deliveries.

What’s next for Safe Delivery?

Safe Delivery is still in its early stages. HomyHub are carrying out a pilot in Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Madrid, which has so far been successful.

We have also heard that supermarkets and delivery carriers from Spain and across Europe have expressed their interest. All we can say is watch this space.

Want to learn more about sustainable initiatives in e-commerce?

This month at Paazl we have been talking about sustainability and how e-commerce delivery can be more environmentally efficient.

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