Finally! Real-time parcel tracking is here

By Paazl
September 27, 2017

Tracking your parcel just got a more exciting. Talking at the annual Postal Expo show, Internet-of-Things specialist Hanhaa announced that its real-time parcel tracking beacon ParceLive is now being commercially deployed for the first time by two American carriers. International logistics powerhouse DB Schenker has also shown interest in the new gadget.

How cold are my new shoes?

The ParceLive service uses a postcard-sized tracking device that is included in the parcel, after which the receiver can track the location of the parcel in real-time. And that is not all. Sensors in de device also track G-forces and temperature, allowing users to see if their parcel was tilted, dropped, opened, left in the rain or worse. All this information is made available in an online dashboard. Since the device can be added to every parcel, users can every track parcel regardless of carrier.

Luckily, the need for more accurate parcel tracking information in our age of taxi-app and on-demand food delivery is also increasingly recognized by parcel carriers, who are upping their Track & Trace game. Examples include DPD, Dynalogic and UPS who allow for real-time tracking of the delivery driver.

Free returns

The ParceLive tracker can be leased on a pay-per-use basis, after which the consumer can send it back by mail for free. A unique ‘E-ink’ screen on the device is used to display the correct returns address, making live even easier.

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