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Event recap: Paazl Delivery Summit 2021

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The Paazl Delivery Summit 2021 placed host to inspiring speakers from VanMoof, AGU, Neleman Organic Vineyards & ISM eCompany. In this recap, you can learn all about the key take-aways from these sessions, plus a few tips to improve your last-mile delivery. You can scroll down to read our speaker recaps, but first, here are our key points, all in a row:

  • Multi-carrier shipping is now the industry standard for both local and international companies
  • Using a multi-carrier strategy for international scaling helps to achieve the best customer experience
  • The average number of carriers used by Paazl customers is 4.5, in combination with 11 delivery options
  • Single-carrier shipping is no longer an option when considering capacity, sustainability, and customer experience
  • There are a significant number of challenges faced in e-commerce delivery, with no single issue being the dominant one (see image)
Voting from Delivery Summit attendees shows a wide variety of delivery challenges.
We found it noticeable that WIMO (Where Is My Order) calls seem to be the least important challenge faced.

What we learned from Mats Meijer – VanMoof

Mats explained how VanMoof’s incredible rise to the top provided some challenges in terms of their logistics. Having started off operating a singe-carrier strategy, they soon ran into a number of issues when they began scaling internationally. Packaging was an issue, specifically the size and fragility of their packaging. On top of this, they found that their bikes were often suffering delivery damage due to careless handling. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the high delivery & returns costs that they faced. It was time to go multi-carrier with Paazl.

VanMoof strives for a brilliant, yet cost-effective delivery experience. Using a local-hero approach has helped them to scale quickly and effectively, especially after noticing the significant cultural differences in delivery preferences in the new markets they were entering.

Mats Meijer – Fulfilment Manager, VanMoof

“We were the big box in a small parcel world, which gave us a real problem to solve”

– VanMoof

What we learned from Jurjen Jongejan – ISM eCompany

Jurjen provided some fascinating insights into how data-driven checkout optimisation can lead to staggering results. The most important thing we learned was that opinion-based hypotheses won’t help your business grow, but data-driven theories (combined with A/B testing) will! One key to improved conversion, is to fix the technical issues on your webstore that prevent your customers from completing their checkout.

In one example, Jurjen showed that by simply showing the delivery options available on the checkout page, his customer saw a 17% increase in transactions!

“A data-driven CRO process, plus prioritizing based on data, are your two success factors for checkout optimisation “

– Jurjen Jongejan

What we learned from Milton Verseput – Neleman Organic Vineyards

Milton took us through Neleman’s approach to making “good wine to save the world.” Through a strong D2C strategy, they built up their e-commerce business before expanding to retail and their own brandstores. They are now a fully-fledged omni-channel player, but this of course comes with it’s own challenges.

Delivering an exceptional last-mile experience can be challenging with wine. Packaging, broken bottled and ID (age) checks can all have an influence. Neleman chose multi-carrier shipping with Paazl so that they could also live their brand values through delivery, namely prioritising sustainability by pre-selecting their most sustainable delivery option as the default in their checkout.

Milton Verseput – Brand Specialist & Sommelier, Neleman Organic Vineyards

“We’re proud to make good wine, delivered sustainably, to save the world”

– Neleman Organic Vineyards
Eduard Brenninkmeijer – Head of Marketing, eCommerce and ICT, AGU

What we learned from Eduard Brenninkmeijer – AGU

Eduard Brenninkmeijer lives and breathes AGU. He has lived their brand tagline (#everydayriding) this year by cycling at least 25km every day!

This traditional Dutch cycling wear brand saw huge growth during the Covid pandemic, with thousands of people taking to the bike. As a result of this growth they placed increased focus on their WMS and PMS, but also realised that they will need to move to a multi-carrier strategy for their cross-border growth and their wish to deliver their biking products using, you guessed it, bike couriers!

“Our brand is cyclist centric, and we look forward to our delivery options representing that too.”


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