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Budbee: Belgium, the Box, and a brilliant customer experience.

Budbee, founded in 2015, is a Sweden-based tech company aiming to create the best e-commerce experience from check-out to delivery. Charged with a self-learning system and bespoke algorithm, Budbee reaches more than 30 million people in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands. This is achieved either through their extensive network of parcel lockers or through home deliveries.

So far Budbee has served more than 3 million unique customers with same or next-day deliveries using bikes, electrical vehicles, and biofuels. Budbee’s services are used by hundreds of large e-commerce companies, including ASOS, Zalando, Inditex, and H&M. Backed by Kinnevik, Stena Sessan, and AMF among others – they are on track to become the leading European shopping platform. Always with the customer at heart.

The Netherlands expansion

After two successful expansions to Denmark and Finland, Budbee saw an opportunity to expand. In 2019 they began offering customized and green shopping experiences to consumers in the Dutch market too. After offering Dutch consumers easy and green home deliveries for about a year, Budbee launched their parcel locker service, Budbee Box, in 2020. As a result, they reach about 17 million consumers in the Netherlands today, and have hundreds of box locations signed, a continuously growing number.

The share of fossil-free deliveries the company makes continuously increases. In May 2021, about 60% of all Budbee’s transportation in the Netherlands was fossil-free. All Budbee Box deliveries are fossil-free, always. This is possible through a combination of cargo bikes, electric vehicles, and the use of biofuels, which together result in a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions. All transportation that Budbee can’t perform completely fossil-free just yet, they instead operate carbon neutral.

Above all, Budbee’s goal is to be 100% fossil-fuel-free in all countries where they are operational by 2022.

What makes them different?

Budbee uses technological innovation to make sure that consumers get their parcels delivered on their own terms. E-commerce deliveries should be adapted to the consumer’s everyday life, not the other way around. A promise that Paazl wholeheartedly supports and promotes. With both home- and box deliveries, consumers are able to choose the option that suits their needs and can even switch between the two, post-purchase. Moreover, with the Budbee app, consumers are always in the loop and they can, among other things, access delivery time slots, track their parcel in retail, and book returns.

Budbee and Paazl

Budbee and Paazl are fully integrated, which means that you can enjoy all of Budbee’s unique products and services within your Paazl integration. With Paazl’s Checkout Widget, you can easily display budbee as a delivery option in your checkout. Therefore your customers get access to greener, or more convenient delivery options depending on their preference. In addition, they can now choose the Budbee Box as well! We already have a number of joint customers, including Neleman Organic Vineyards, Vitaminstore, My Jewellery, and Knives and Tools, with more on the way soon. In conclusion, you can easily add Budbee’s products and services in your Paazl Delivery Matrix.

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