bets on delivery experience to maintain market-leader position

By Bernard
February 5, 2020

“’s latest move to defend against amazon” announced recently that they have launched a new service, named Shipping via A one-stop-shop, pick-up and carrier contract service for external sellers on their platform. A smart move from the Dutch e-commerce giant, as this makes is easier for external sellers to not only offer faster delivery, but also a wider range of delivery options. This ultimately results in a richer delivery experience for consumers.


The launch of this service is a logical step, and also well-timed, considering Amazon’s impending launch in the Netherlands. is currently the market leader in The Netherlands and is obviously not planning to give up its position. This latest move could potentially make it harder for Amazon to win market share in The Netherlands. Delivery experience is rapidly becoming a vital ingredient in the world of ecommerce. is a retailer, but also a marketplace. More than 50% of Bol’s turnover is generated through external sellers, a significant share. By adding external sellers to its platform, Bol has been able to grow their assortment faster and therefore appeal to the first ingredient of Amazon’s success.


“Shipping via” knows better than anyone how important shipping is on the impact of a sellers bottomline. A better Delivery experience does not only drive conversion, it also saves time and money. Similarly to Bol, an external seller can now be more transparent about the Expected Delivery Date (EDD). Next day delivery is not mandatory, but clear communication on the EDD is. External sellers often have less sophisticated back-end systems in place, and therefore can’t always comply with the delivery options that Bol offers when ordered directly through This is exactly where Bol’s new service ‘Shipping via’ comes in. In this way, smaller retailers are able to offer customers almost the same delivery experience as they would have when shopping directly with Bol. will pick-up the parcels from these shippers/sellers. promises customers a better customer experience and a higher conversion for these external sellers.



Fulfilment will play a big role in the future success of Bol, and despite Bol having the first-movers advantage on delivery (experience), and is further growing its product range, Amazon still has a powerful weapon in place, namely price. The immense bargaining power that Amazon possesses gives them the ability to tempt the Dutch consumer with a lower price. And the lowest price is something that the average Dutch consumer is not often immune to.

About Paazl

Founded in 2009 in the Netherlands, Paazl is a fast-growing SaaS company that focuses on making e-commerce delivery convenient. We built a data-driven algorithm based on real-time carrier data from over 50 international and local carriers. It benefits e-commerce brands and retailers by optimising cross-border logistics and personalising delivery options. This allows them to visualise time and locations in the checkout page so their consumers can pick when and where they want their items to be delivered. Paazl handles over 20 million shipments yearly, around the globe. Paazl partners include G-Star RAW, Under Armour, Rituals, and Hunkemöller.

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