Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe launches in the UK

By Paazl
December 19, 2018

Amazon customers can turn their bedrooms into changing rooms if they take advantage of Prime Wardrobe. The convenient initiative where Prime members can ‘try before they buy’ came to the United Kingdom in October. This serves as a stark reminder that the tech giants are continuing to innovate and expand their online services.

How does Prime Wardrobe work?

Let’s quickly run through how Prime Wardrobe works. Prime members can select between three and eight clothing items, and these items will be delivered without an upfront cost. The customer will then have seven days to try the items on at home and return the items which they do not want to keep. Amazon only charges the customer for the items that have not been returned during this seven day period.

The service will encourage shoppers to sign up to the Amazon Prime subscription which has an annual fee of 79 pounds. Prime members are entitled to free express delivery on all products ordered on the e-commerce giant’s website, as well as TV and film streaming services.

Who else is offering a ‘buy now pay later’ option?

ASOS are one of the biggest e-commerce websites for fashion sales in the United Kingdom. They already have an option where their customers can place an order without being immediately charged for their purchase. This gives their customers time to return the items which they do not want to keep.

In e-commerce, fashion items have exceptionally high return rates. Returns are one of the main pain points for customers in e-commerce. Services such as this work to eliminate the anxiety which surrounds returns because purchase come without risks.

How can brands offer the same service?

The good news for brands that want to offer this service is that there are solutions that enable them to. British fashion brand Topshop use payment provider Klarna’s pay later option. So that their customers can make an order, try the items on at home and then return any unwanted pieces without parting with their cash. By making use of solutions such as Klarna, brands can offer the same premium services as the e-commerce giants do, and that customers have come to expect.



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