Say goodbye to missed deliveries… Hub by Amazon is expanding

By Paazl
June 21, 2018

The e-commerce market is booming and industry giant Amazon has made it their mission to iron out any kinks in their well-oiled shipping machine. The first on their list is arguably the most annoying aspect of online shopping, missed deliveries. On Tuesday the online retailer announced that their project Hub by Amazon is expanding.

Their solution, which is already being used by over half a million people, places their Amazon lockers into apartment buildings. Hub lockers are only accessible by building residents, and provide a safe place to store delivered items, which can be collected 24 hours a day. This will alleviate the stress that comes with missed deliveries and simplify the infamous last mile of delivery for retailers. Property managers will also welcome the Hub lockers as they free up space in lobbies and storage rooms. Plus they alleviate onsite staff from signing for packages, allowing them to focus on other tasks.

For all those of us who experience a sinking feeling when they come home to a missed delivery slip. Have waited for seemingly hours in a Post Office queue. Or end up staying at home all day only for a delivery to arrive at 6pm. This is definitely something we can get onboard with!

How does Hub by Amazon work?

When the customer orders their item online they have it delivered to their apartment address as they usually would. The item will be delivered to the Hub lockers, which can be accessed by a six-digit code. The delivery personnel will use a code to open the locker and place the package inside. The parcel recipient will receive a notification that their parcel has been delivered along with their own code. They can then open the locker and retrieve their items at their convenience. Hub by Amazon will also provide a round-the-clock customer-support service for residents.

What makes Hub by Amazon different?

Firstly, the fact that the lockers are placed in actual homes. Locker stations that act as pick-up points are steadily gaining in popularity. But Amazon has brought this convenient option into their customers’ homes. Secondly, Amazon want to handle all deliveries, not just their own. The Hub by Amazon lockers are able to accept deliveries from all carriers, which is the first time the retailer has expanded beyond its own shipments.


The last mile of delivery is one of the trickiest aspects for e-commerce companies to navigate. Hub by Amazon could alleviate a lot of the issues that come with missed deliveries and customer convenience. But what will Amazon do to handle the delivery of misshapen and oversized items that won’t fit in their lockers? We will wait and see!

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