9 awesome ways to display e-commerce delivery information

By Paazl
September 27, 2018

70% of online shoppers decide on delivery before they reach the checkout. So if customers are thinking about delivery early on, it only makes sense that e-commerce websites let their customers know about delivery early on.

Unexpected delivery costs are one of the main reasons for cart abandonment in e-commerce. In fact 42% of online shoppers abandon an online purchase because of unexpected shipping costs (VWO). Therefore brands and websites need to communicate delivery information and costs before the customer reaches the checkout so there are no nasty surprises later on.

Stuck for ideas? Get inspired by these nine awesome examples of displaying delivery information.

1. All Saints: Count down to delivery

Want to give your customers a nudge? All Saints are doing just that by using a next-day delivery countdown timer. This ticking clock creates urgency and therefore pushes customers who are considering a purchase to make their decision faster.


2. ASOS: Detailed delivery information

ASOS keep cropping up on our lists of best practice. And for good reason. When it comes to e-commerce delivery they seem to do no wrong.

Their menu of delivery options is enough to entice even the most nervous of online shoppers. They also display their delivery information in a customer-friendly manner, by stating the delivery date rather than the delivery time. So comparing delivery options is a breeze.

3. Boots: Display delivery information on the product page

We like how Boots give their customers all the possible delivery options on the product page itself. This is right about the moment they would be considering making a purchase and possibly wondering how to have it delivered. So all in all, the perfect moment to go in with this information.

Including delivery information early on keeps the purchasing journey smooth because customers don’t need to look for the information on a dedicated page.

4. BrewDog: Encourage your customers to utilise delivery

Delivery costs £5 at BrewDog and they encourage their customers to get their money’s worth.

Once the customer adds an item to their cart a window pops-up visually advising them to buy more and fill their case. A great way to communicate the delivery price and get around the hurdle of not offering free delivery.

5. Currys: Display delivery information on the homepage

Currys make delivery options clear from the get go. They include their main offerings of free delivery on all orders and next-day delivery on the homepage. So their customers know the main options before they start browsing.

6. Halfords: Give delivery information pride of place

Halfords also display delivery information on their homepage. We love how it is smack bang in the middle of the page, giving delivery information the prime position – we say – it deserves.

7. Holland & Barrett: All the delivery options straight away

As soon as an online shopper lands on Holland & Barrett’s website it is clear that delivery here will delight. They communicate a variety of options straight away and don’t forget the price and delivery time.

Holland & Barrett’s delivery information doesn’t stop at the homepage. They also include detailed information, prices and times on every product page. A great example of displaying clear delivery information before the customer goes to the checkout.

8. Marks and Spencer: Underline delivery information and make it red

So you want your delivery information to stand out? Well, why not take a leaf out of Marks and Spencer’s book and make delivery information the brightest thing on the page.

With free delivery constantly being named as the most popular delivery option among online shoppers, it is well worth shouting about this service on your website.

9. Mint Velvet: Draw attention to delivery information with icons

They say a picture tells a thousand words. When it comes to Mint Velvet’s delivery information we certainly think the use of icons help to draw the customer’s attention to the delivery options available.

Looking for more delivery inspiration?

For more tips and tricks on how to display delivery information pre-checkout download our whitepaper. We rate 25 e-commerce brands on the quality of their pre-checkout delivery information and identify the best practices and areas for improvement so you can provide the best pre-checkout delivery experience.

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